The unseen the untold Part 1

                                                 21 FEB 2012 

7.30 p.m. A is sitting in a meeting and his phone rang ,“Why didi is calling me at this hour iam sitting in this ,meeting how to take her call , oh may be she took it seriously when yesterday i got angry on her that she does not talk to me and talk to mummy for hours” .
    Phone cut, but it rang again , “ oho didi , what is this if iam not picking up that means iam busy” . Phone again cut , a message is there, “ bhai please call police is here” . “What police at didi’s place why” so many thoughts came to his mind in fraction of seconds . He took excuse in the meeting and called , “hello, yeah didi tell me” , there is voice of a man from other side , “ Hey A is it you ,where are you , come to Meerut immediately , there is a case against you by your wife” . He said, “ yeah I will come but don’t harass my sister and her kids leave her place , its between me and my wife” . The policeman, “ case is against her and her husband too so we will interrogate them” , “WHAAT, against Didi and jiju why against them this is ridiculous” . He was shocked and surprised .
          “It includes your father and mother too” policeman added . Another shock but this time he is quite . He talked to his sister, “ don’t worry and do not give answers to him just tell him we will answer everything in police station”. Sister is panicked and out of this panicked situation she said to her brother, “ its between you and your wife bhai , why should I suffer”.He is quite , very quite sister asks, “bhai are you there on phone” . “Hmm” replied he , Phone cut .
        Its 9.30 now , he is thinking in the flat all alone,  “so it all started I knew it,it will one day but why didi , jiju , papa , mummy are involved . She does not love me as she was carrying someone else’s baby and I came to know about it but how can she send police to didi’s place . She used to respect them a lot and used to love my nephew . Well my biggest support didi said its you who did it why should I suffer. All these women are like that so unpredictable and selfish huh .” 
  I really don’t want to take help of that friend , he is politician and must be busy in coming vidhan sabha elections but I have to call him and the lawyer who suggested me to file case of “null and void” marriage .
He is calling that politician friend guy , “ hello hi bro finally it happened but I didn’t know it will be in this way she sends police to didi’s place”. “ Abe theek hai yar , things are clear now lets face it , you come to Lucknow and call that lawyer , lets discuss it . “ ok brother” He replied and called lawyer  whom he used to call bhaiya , “ bhaiya , girl send police to didi’s place”. Lawyer , “ oh ask your parents to leave house and stay somewhere else and ask your jiju to stay somewhere else I have a doubt he will be  arrested .”
“What o k I will ask them.” He said . Lawyer said the same thing, “ come to Lucknow lets discuss”. “O k” He said .
       Its 10.30 p.m. ,  the thoughts are on, “ hmmm, didi is alone at her place with two kids, must be panicked to see police that is why she said all this.  I will talk to her in the morning . But what will happen if her in laws came to know , her life will be spoiled like mine . Jiju is a such a gentleman but may be he will also scold didi for this . oh god my brain will burst , I don’t want to think all this .I think I should talk to jiju.
Phone bell is going, “ yes champ” he is surprised jiju is talking as he used to, “ iam so sorry jiju it all happened because of me , that girl was my choice and now whole family will suffer”. Bro in law  says, “ why are you saying sorry we are family we will face it together , you don’t come to Meerut I will see things here”. “No I have to come lawyer is saying”. “Hmm o k but come to home means our place first we will go together” ,his brother in law said .  He replied , o k and said sorry again my life is spoiled and now your life will too . It is 11.30 p.m. now closing his eyes tightly A is trying to sleep but not able to, again the thoughts came, “ oh god what would I tell in my office why iam going to Lucknow , if they came to know there is a case against me, may be I will lose my job”. What to say in the office o k I will say my mother is seriously ill and I have to go” . Now I will sleep , its 2.30 a.m. But he could not , all the moments of his life were flashing before his eyes . His happy times , his friends , parties , his parents , his sister, her kids, “ what lovely kiddoes didi have , how she would have felt when police entered her house and what were those kids doing , the seven year old must be scared the younger is very small to understand but must have cried a lot oh poor little kids iam your culprit.”          

                                                  22 FEB 

              He heard birds chirping , “ oh its morning I have to go to office apply leave and then to Lucknow”. He got up and got ready made a cup of tea for himself but didn’t eat anything he didn’t feel like . A reached his office, his colleague greeted him, “ good morning why you look so lost today”. “My mother is seriously ill and I have to rush to Lucknow” , he said . “Oh , you leave I will see the leave matter and all don’t worry”. His best friend in office came to him, “what really happened buddy tell me” A told her the whole story, “ oh my god , you go I will manage things here” .He took out his wallet and gave 500Rs to another colleague , the colleague  asked what it is for , he replied, “you paid for the coffee that day iam returning it” . Colleague said , “oh money will not got anywhere , he said what if I don’t come back.” Colleague watched him in shock, “do not say that sir.” He went back to his flat ate something , “dishes are not done” he thought , “let it be when I will come back I will do it” . He took a bus towards Lucknow.

          He called his sister and said , “don’t worry iam coming.” “iam not worried take care of yourself .” sister said . He added ,“ Leave your flat didi and go to your bro in law’s place in Gurgaon .”  Sister said , “ No I will not I don’t want anyone in my in laws to know  about it right now, it will be unnecessary pressure on my husband  , I deleted by FB , twitter account too.  I got the copy of the complaint I have mailed it to  papa.” “ o k didi whenever I will reach lucknow I will let you know.” he said.
           The thought process started again, “papa and mummy are living with some relative as lawyer suggested  , it must be difficult for them . I hope mummy is alright her health is not well .why I have this feeling that the lawyer is creating difference between me and didi , no no he is like brother he will not do this but why did he say it is because of your sister she shares too much information on internet . How can she share information she doesn’t know how to use internet . hmm I think lawyer doesn’t want to take responsibility of what he said he said, there wont be any case I promise . Whatever now I have to agree with him my case is in his hands .”
     He reached Lucknow and called his lawyer N and the politician friend S  . They had a meeting at the lawyer’s chamber where other friends joined . One of the very close  friend  wanted to show the DGP order to him  that there wont be any arrest without investigation,  so he doesn’t need to go to Meerut till he gets a call and it was illegal to send police like this to didi’s place  . Lawyer is smart he didn’t allow that friend to show that order to him . They planned to go to  Meerut.
                                                               23 Feb
                        He called his sister and said he is coming . He complained his mother how didi talked to him and cried on it . Mother consoled him and said, “she is equally tensed, you know her situation.” Mother assured him not to worry everything will be alright we all will face it together , he is not alone in this battle . He planned to come to Meerut by road along with his two friends , S and P .He told mother he will park his bike at friend’s place and they will go by his car . He kicked his bullet it didn’t start , mother said, “nobody drove it from a long time so it is not starting leave it don’t do that hard work on it.” He loved his Royal En field , kicked again and it started . He turned back and smiled at mother , she smiled back .
                                                           24 Feb
                                                    They started and reached Noida  A calls his sister ,”didi want copy of complaint send it , Sister said , no Internet access bhai you take it from my mail Id , this is my password” , “ok, change your password later”," no worries bhai”  sister is worried about him . She said, “don’t go to Meerut , they will arrest you.” A said, “don’t worry they wont.” Smiled to himself , ‘didi loves me too much.’ S said give him phone so that he can make didi smile , S asked on phone to A’s sister ,” hello didi complaint says you strangulated her, which colour dupatta, do you remember ?”,they all laughed on this . 
                                                            25 Feb
                          They all reached Meerut but they could not find anybody in Meerut because the policeman was busy in some other case , they came back to Noida . Sister texted him, “what is going on , where are you.” He replied, “everything is fine I will come to your  to your place tomorrow iam very tired .” Sister thought he will stay with her so she thought of cooking pasta, last time he wanted to eat but she could not cook , this time she will cook definitely. That night A stayed at his friend’s place . Sister thought  may be he wants to discuss some important aspects with friends.
  ( to be continued .....)





  1. There is nothing in Indian being a Male....Police are greedy only behind of one think about Indian Male and his innocent family...As a Indian Male I am very shamed to be an Indian where no laws to protect Man and his innocent family...

  2. cant explain how it going through in my mind while reading all this,,,

  3. dhandha hai khakki aur kale choge wallon ka nexux hai.kuch change nhin hoga,yeh toh chlata hi rhega.542 kale angrez hain.jayen to khan jaye,karen to ky karen,juhte mukdme chlte rhenge chae koi sucide kre ya barbad ho jaye.


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