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It was a cloudy morning when I got a panic stricken call from a man. He said he is an NRI Doctor belonging to Delhi. I felt the voice is familiar, he said he is so stressed that he took sleeping pills in London so his family called him back to Delhi. I calmed him down and asked him to tell me the whole story in detail. He said he wants to meet me , I gave him Confidare office address and rushed to the office. I was sitting on the office chair when he entered. I felt I have seen him somewhere, he was tensed , lost and depressed.  It was still cloudy and a bit dark so I switched on the tube light and saw the man curiously,“Oh he is Doctor Manoj Sharma of the movie Tanu weds Manu. “ I thought and I was surprised to see him at our office, I shook hands with him and said in excitement, “Hey how you been it is so nice to see you here " And then I thought I should not have said that .
People do not come to us in happy times and why to be happy if someone is here. He seemed to be not at a…