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MP outreach program in Monsoon

" अंधकार को क्यों धिक्कारें नन्हा सा इक दीप जलाएं "
Yes I know people are depressed because one more anti male law is passed . One question arises in my mind didn't we know that it will pass ? Why we had so many expectations from our so called law makers ? We all know how biased they are towards women and how the laws are passed in India .
                                  But in all these chaos there are some very positive things happening around us , amazed, have a look with me . We all know that "Monsoon session " of parliament was crucial to us . So , like every session we planned an MP outreach program in this session too . It was raining heavily the day we started it . We were walking under umbrellas to "Ring the bell " of each MP house . We were welcomed at every house , listened carefully . Some of them were amazed that there is something called " MEN'S RIGHT " . I remember one P.A. of …