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It is your 34Th birthday and you are not with us . You were around  two years nine months younger to me so I don’t remember your birth. But as I was told your were born on a cold night of 30Th December 1980 ,9.25 p.m. at Chandigarh . I was told I was jealous of you when you were born as everyone started giving you attention . But I started adoring you after some time . I was a very quiet , shy child while you were social , loud and naughty .
 I remember you were fond of celebrating your birthdays and we used to make special arrangements for you. In childhood I remember you to be ill on almost all your birthdays . Mummy used to spend nights awake with you giving you medicines , steam etc . Sometimes you did not open eyes for two days , bronchitis was a problem for you . But you were a happy child enjoying every moment of life  and making everyone laugh. I was never excited about my birthday but for you we used to do something special every year till I got married. You were a foodie a…

MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE SUPER COP  It was a call from Doordarshan(Government channel) and they wanted to do a debate on men and safety. I do not expect media to do a program on men and their safety so I thought let it be through women only . Going to Doordarshan is like home coming as I left Akashwani(All India Radio) some seven years back .  It was expected that I will be the only one talking pro- men during debate. I knew it other speakers will be feminists . It was cold day when I reached Doordarshan  . I was sitting in the guest room waiting for others to come . After a few minutes entered kiran Bedi , I stood up and said Namaste , she gave a smile in response. If I say I was not nervous it will be a lie, there is background behind my nervousness.      Some 18 years back when I was a teenager girl Kiran Bedi used to be role model of almost all girls. Every father wanted his daughter to be Kiran Bedi . There were couple of Miss World and Miss universe but it was not consi…


World around you is teaching “respect women”  and it has gone to the extent that men are considered criminals everywhere .This has given an imbalance in the society and created the unfortunate gender war , we are all part of the gender war unconsciously . In this scenario how will you teach your daughters to respect men or trust them . Here are some of the ways to teach them :
1.EQUALITY  IS AN OXYMORON  – Men and women are equal is the biggest lie we are told , reality is men and women are differently equal . They compliment each other in the inequalities . So teach your daughter to accept the inequalities and respect them .
2.MY BODY , MY RESPONSIBILITY– The feminist wave around us is teaching girls “My body My choice”  but if it is not only their choice it is their responsibility too . You have to teach your little girls to wear clothes and make -up responsibly . You have to teach your daughters “when you are in Rome do as Romans do .” So wear clothes keeping in mind of the surround…


After three years of activism I don’t have a right to talk like a victim . In past three years I have counseled and coached so many men about how to be strong when life is going out of control . So it is not expected of me to be a weak person . But as festivities are around this thought is coming in my mind again and again that who's festivity it is ? I will not go into religious background behind the festivals , life is tough and monotonous so  the festivals were created to break that monotony . What if breaking the monotony becomes torment for people ?                                  There are people around me who are fighting a war deep inside and I can see how these festivals are a big torture for them . But how can be a festival torturous ? I was talking to this fellow last night when he suddenly asked ,"do you feel depressed when festivals are around" ,my instant reply was, “yes” .It is indeed depressing for a fellow whose wife left him without any reason and no…

Confidare Reaches Amity

I remember the two Amity law students coming to our meetings and just standing quietly in a corner. I connected with them and they told me they want to understand and work upon the area of men’s right. These two students connected me to Mokshda Pertaub Bhushan a dynamic lady who is Asstt professor in Amity Law School. Mokshda is definitely a feminist but as I jokingly tell her because she is mother of three sons she knows what is happening around her in the name “Feminism”. We as a team thought of doing a discussion in the changing scenario. When I first went to Amity for a discussion I represented the “Forgotten women” of India the mother and sister part, also a little bit of men’s right. I was delighted to see students as well as teachers agreed on every point I raised. In April 2014, I joined Confidare,an education company focusing on men’s welfare as a Research Analyst. Our team in Confidare was always keen in doing research and taking the viewpoint of the young generations who ar…

काला कानून ४९८अ

Respected madam,                             

> विषय: मु्झेन्यायचाहिएतथामाँद्वारादर्जपरसख्तकार्रवाईतथाभाईकीहत्याकानिष्पक्षजांच.
> 1).भाभीद्वाराझूठे498A केसकेतहतपुरापरिवारमॊतकेमुँहमे।
> 2) छोटेभाईबलवन्तकुमारकी arresting  को।