The unseen The untold Part 2

                                        26 Feb 

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 Next day sister is eagerly waiting for A , he comes along with P.  Sister’s baby girl started crying for feed .  A wanted to take her in his lap but the baby refused and started crying loudly . She went to another room to feed her and listened to the discussion . She wants to talk to her brother so she calls his name and said come here and talk to me . He comes in the other room n turns his head away as sister is feeding the little baby . Sister lovingly put her hand in his hairs and asked how is he , he is said he is fine and don’t worry he will fix everything .
     He said , “you and jiju will be out of this” , sister said, “that is not important , important is that you are fine and happy”. Baby slept and she came in the living room with A . She asked him where is his luggage , he replied its at the friend’s place , “why? you are not staying here with me I made all preparations for your favourite food” . Before he could answer his phone rang, “yes iam coming , yeah I will have lunch with you buddy”. “Didi my friends have prepared lunch for me I will go and will leave for Lucknow in the evening.”  “Hmm o k” sister is disappointed on this , she noticed P is sleeping on sofa . She again said, “you people are tired , have lunch with us sleep two three hours and then leave for Lucknow from here”. 
        “No no didi now I will have a good sleep in my room at my place only”, P smiled . Sister didn’t say anything on this but cautioned him “P you don’t drive o k”. “What are your plans for future P , didi iam planning to contest mayor elections of Lucknow . “Oh that is nice do let me know I will do campaigning for you” , sister said smiling .
  “Now I will leave” A said, brother in law insisted, “don’t go to Lucknow go to Dehradoon from here” . A said, “no I have to sit with papa and mummy convince them that all is well also, I forgot my flat keys in Lucknow”.
       “ O k but do not drive late night please bhai” sister requested . He said yeah don’t worry”, he stood up from the sofa and noticed a champagne bottle in Almira . He said , “jeejz this bottle is still here you didn’t open it yet?” Brother –in – law smiled said, “nopes not yet” . A said, “ok so this anniversary of yours and didi we will open this champagne but I didn’t get seat in train for holi” .  Anniversary was near the Holi . Brother in law said “,oh no worries we have three seats you join us”  . “O k so done I will come to noida and join you, we will celebrate holi as well as your ninth anniversary” , he  chuckled like a baby . Everyone is smiling but everyone is worried deep inside . He went out seated in the car smiled at sister’s little son , sister again said, “no driving late night o k” .
           They went to the friend’s place had lunch ,lawyer called him, “come to Lucknow as soon as possible” . “why what happened " asked A . “Lawyer insisted you come please” , “ hmm o k will start in few minutes” . A told S that lawyer is asking them to come back asap , S says, “lets start early morning its already evening and it will be late night” . “O k “said, A . Lawyer calls again , “ why didn’t you start yet” ? “Bhaiya what is the urgency we will start early morning” . “No come back need to talk” . “hmm o k” A said . S asked A “is lawyer insisting to start”?  A said “,yes”  S said, “but I cant  drive as iam very sleepy and P is sleepy too” . A said, “no problem I will drive iam not at all sleepy lets start” . S is keeping some liquor bottles inside the car and told  as A holi  is nearby  party workers will ask for it .
       A calls a very close friend, “ hi pray for me , me and my family are in trouble” . Friend says, “do not worry everything will be alright”. They started S sat at the back seat , P sat beside A , A is driving . P slept soon as he was already sleepy . S and A are talking , S told A how his wife used to torture him and how she took poison once . It was scary he said , since then he never brought her again and she filed so many cases so he knows how to tackle such cases. Soon S also slept but said wake him after two hours so that A can sleep .A is driving and thinking what should be the next course of action . He switched off the music as both of his friends slept . They crossed Agra and it is post midnight about 1 a.m. . A truck with marble stone  is at the back of the car . A saw it in the  mirror because it is kind of following the car . He thought of giving the truck pass . He gave it pass , truck overtook the car . It is highway so all the vehicles are in speed . Truck is in speed so is the car it is filled with marble and marble is coming out of the truck .“what is this truck driver trying to do” A thought .
    A had a strange feeling as if something bad is going to happen . A smiled just to get out of the feeling , suddenly truck applied break , “oh gosh” A shouted BANG the car collided with truck . A applied break but it was late car was under the truck .  The collision was so loud that people ran to see  what happened . A looked at P,  his face is distorted and he is dead as his head collided with a marble piece . "Nooo shouted" A , he cant move as car is half under the truck he called S who was at the back seat, S said, “bhai iam o k lets get out of it”. They both tried to come out but could not .Truck driver came out of truck and saw one guy dead but other two alive A and  S are pleading for help . Truck driver heard people coming so he got inside the truck and dragged the car. A thought what is he doing and why,”stop the truck help us come out” A is shouting with all his strength  . But the driver didn’t listen , after dragging the truck to one and a half kilometers he left it and ran away .
        Because of dragging car went under the truck and one marble piece entered S’s chest and he died . A was still alive , he called S’s name but he didn’t get any answer . struggled hard to come out of the car he is continuously praying to God , “don’t do this god I don’t want to die , please god help me . He is not able to move and is thinking, “what will happen to the cases , how will everyone manage without me . My parents will die listening about me no no , how will didi manage with small kids , no no I don’t want to die oh lord keep me alive please”.  He is pleading with god again and again but realized that his time has come . Tears rolled down his eyes he is not able to move his body , internal bleeding is making him faint . His whole life is flashing in his eyes his childhood playing with sister , his sister’s marriage how he cried like a baby when she left home, birth of her baby boy and then his marriage and how hell begun in his life . “Don’t want to go like this but have to sorry papa , sorry maa , sorry didi ,sorry jiju, sorry little kids wanted to see you grow.” Its 4 a.m. and he breathed his last. (continued .....)


  1. God bless his soul. It is so true that a common genuine family man is always more worried about his siblings, parents and family than himself. and irony is those are treated as criminals under family laws here. God will have the last hisab kitab with everyone. May he help us ! Anyone who reads above would cry if he has a soul intact. Jyoti, you have seen the worst. May God grant you happiness and to your parents.

  2. What is a man thinking, when what happens does not distress him as much as what happens to his people with him, distresses him? Is he living in the members of his family and not in himself ?

    Whatever it is, it cannot be a criminal's way of thinking. It has to be the thinking of a well-meaning man. And to bring misery on a well-meaning decent man cannot be good for the society he lives in.

    I hope this man is never ever forgotten, what he suffered should never be forgotten and more than that, what he held close to his heart and cared so much about, should live as long as he would have lived himself, if we did not live in this God forsaken country !

  3. When the curse will leave our family system, out citizens, our nation ?


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