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It is your 34Th birthday and you are not with us . You were around  two years nine months younger to me so I don’t remember your birth. But as I was told your were born on a cold night of 30Th December 1980 ,9.25 p.m. at Chandigarh . I was told I was jealous of you when you were born as everyone started giving you attention . But I started adoring you after some time . I was a very quiet , shy child while you were social , loud and naughty .
 I remember you were fond of celebrating your birthdays and we used to make special arrangements for you. In childhood I remember you to be ill on almost all your birthdays . Mummy used to spend nights awake with you giving you medicines , steam etc . Sometimes you did not open eyes for two days , bronchitis was a problem for you . But you were a happy child enjoying every moment of life  and making everyone laugh. I was never excited about my birthday but for you we used to do something special every year till I got married. You were a foodie a…

MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE SUPER COP  It was a call from Doordarshan(Government channel) and they wanted to do a debate on men and safety. I do not expect media to do a program on men and their safety so I thought let it be through women only . Going to Doordarshan is like home coming as I left Akashwani(All India Radio) some seven years back .  It was expected that I will be the only one talking pro- men during debate. I knew it other speakers will be feminists . It was cold day when I reached Doordarshan  . I was sitting in the guest room waiting for others to come . After a few minutes entered kiran Bedi , I stood up and said Namaste , she gave a smile in response. If I say I was not nervous it will be a lie, there is background behind my nervousness.      Some 18 years back when I was a teenager girl Kiran Bedi used to be role model of almost all girls. Every father wanted his daughter to be Kiran Bedi . There were couple of Miss World and Miss universe but it was not consi…