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When I was growing up, just like any girl I was told that every boy is a potential rapist. So keep a safe distance to protect yourself from potential rapist. Now what is the safe distance nobody knows but it is told to almost every girl in growing age. We just assume that our boys are safe and they do not need any such warning . I lived this perception for a long time although it clashed with my observations all the time.
And then at middle of the life I was stuck with the potential rapists. Destiny brought me to the men’s right movement, here I was surrounded by alleged rapists, dowry seekers and violent men.Those who firmly believed that men can never be good ,raised eye brows of me working with THOSE KIND OF men. I was warned again and again that keep a safe distance may be the allegations are right. I was asked how do you judge or analyze whether a man is right or wrong. This time I did not remain quiet I told them firmly,“I have stopped judging them “.And when you stop judging yo…