India - Paradise For Female Criminals

I was on a honey badgers radio when a question about India was raised whether it is the third world country or not. I am not a very patriotic kind so I did not feel offended. But question  emerged in my mind after the radio talk, Is India really a third world country? Many worlds live together inside India, one can find most advanced people living with all the technologies and still not happy and then there are people living without even the basic necessities still they are happy. So what is the criteria of being a first world country?  Google gives this definition of first world countries –
The term "First World" refers to so called developed, capitalist, industrial countries, roughly, a bloc of countries aligned with the United States after World War II, with more or less common political and economic interests: North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia.

But I feel these term first world, developing countries or third world countries are another types of RACISM. This racism divides us in many ways, we just close eyes on some common problems thinking this is their world problem or this is First world problem. The ambitious powerful people want us to get divided so that problem should not be addressed as a whole.

So ,here we are thinking that third world women are suppressed and they need protection. If you see closely problems are same for men and women in any country be it the first world or third world. But it is propagated as suppression of women. And most of the time problems are addressed with preconceived notions. For example – we were meeting some members of parliament for one upcoming bill which was totally against men. This female minister a big name in parliament pointed out,” Girls are still not allowed to go to school in their periods in rural areas.” I politely said, “madam don’t you think free sanitary napkins and workshop on periods should be there instead of bringing this bill? This is divorce bill it has nothing to do with girls and their periods.”  She became quiet for some moment. In puberty boys too go through so many hormonal changes but nobody gives attention to it , in fact, it is not even discussed.
Talking about India, it has a whole history of protecting women and it goes to the extent that it has given a shield to the criminal women.Our scriptures, Vedas, religion talk about respecting women, worshipping mothers, protecting sisters. For us WOMAN is pious as God, so if you are hurting a woman you are hurting God. The good men in our mythology or history were either great protectors of women or away from them treating every woman as mother and sister. And if we talk about crime against women it is not a separate issue. Crime as a whole was always there in every society and is still there.
We have a history of saving criminal women otherwise. Starting with Indian mythology, Soorpnakha actually tried to rape Rama and Lakshamana but she was spared by only cutting the nose. In revenge, she provoked her brother Ravana that he is not able to protect his sister’s honor which is the prime responsibility of a man. In Mahabharata, there is the example of Ulupi who raped Arjuna while he was practicing celibacy. And these women were never punished. Ganga killed her own children and she is still a devi ( goddess ) for us. If a man deserted his wife because his wife was adulterous it was not a woman’s fault it was still a man’s fault ( Ahilya – Gautam ). Draupadi was said to be molested by Duryodhana keeping a blind eye on the fact that she first insulted Duryodhana. Whole Mahabharata was actually created by Draupadi. And Ramayana was the creation of multiple women – Kaikeyi, Seeta, Soorpnakha.  In both the epic wars men are accused of oppressing women by  Indian feminists.

It followed in modern era too, when laws were made women were given that special shield. As a result in India, there is no domestic violence law for men, women cannot be punished for adultery. Not only this even for the gender-neutral crimes women are rarely punished. And if they are ever punished whole society rises to protect them. Recently an Indian minister said,”Excuse them they are women.”  No woman can be accused of rape in spite of the fact that we keep on hearing horrible stories of women raping men and children. Rape of a man by the woman is a hilarious joke for us. Whole separate laws are there to protect women but feminists keep on demanding more laws. It would not be a surprise if a new Indian penal code is written someday especially dedicated to women.
Let us take some very famous examples where women were let off of a gruesome crime.

Rajiv Gandhi assassination – Our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated is a well-known fact. Many people were arrested for the assassination including Nalini Sriharan .They were given death sentence but Nalini was exempted because she had a minor daughter. Her death sentence was turned into life term and she is trying to come out the jail now and she is considered as class “A” convict.


They  Killed  Children – The two sisters Renuka Shinde, Seema Gavit and their mother were convicted of death sentence for killing five children . They were charged with 13 kidnaps and 9 murders. Presently they are in Yerwada jail Pune waiting for their death penalty. Their mother died inside the jail and I am sure that the sisters too will die a natural death one day.

The Neeraj Grover Muder Case - In this gruesome murder Neeraj Grover was murdered and cut into pieces. In this murder Jerome Mathew and Maria Susairaj were caught but Maria walked free as she was only accused of destroying the evidence. The fact is that she bought the knife to cut Neeraj into pieces.

CYANIDE Mallika  – Mallika was convicted of 6 murders and she was awarded death sentence but it was converted into life term.

MAKHDOOM SUICIDE CASE  – Makhdoom not only committed suicide, he filmed his suicide before dying. A lot of protests by men’s right activists made police arrest his wife. But she was released after some time as she was given” Benefit Of Doubt “by a judge . According to Judge video of  Makhdoom is not clear so the wife cannot be convicted. 

Roop Kishor Agrawal Suicide Case Does anybody know about him? Roop Kishor Agrawal was a happy man with a small family of wife and daughter. He gave his house on rent and trouble started from there. An argument with the tenant lady took him behind bars on the charges of RAPE. This was the time of 2012 when everyone labeled each Indian man as Rapist. Newspapers were filled with the news of rape only. RoopKishor could not get bail for more than a month. When he got bail he went home and committed suicide. That tenant lady is roaming free as usual , no action was taken against her .

Nisha Sharma Case –  Nisha Sharma became a celebrity overnight by refusing to marry the man as he was demanding dowry from her. She was even invited by Oprah Winfrey. Later on, during the trial, she could not prove the dowry allegations and it was found that she was having an affair with some other man so she refused to marry this man by accusing him of demanding dowry. The man whom she accused and his family was arrested and he even lost his job.
She is a legend for those women who never got punished on falsely accusing men of dowry and domestic violence.

 Even in false rape cases, women are never punished for destroying a man’s life. When we say gender justice in India it means justice to women only. Gender word is used for women.
If you see all the above examples not a single woman is hanged till date in spite of the fact that women are equal to men in crimes. These are few big examples, we have numerous such examples where women were never punished. A lot of men who come to me at the community center, ask this question – “Is there a way of punishing our wives/girlfriends who are lying ?” Every time this question is asked, I sigh and say NO, because that is the brutal truth. Had there been a way to punish these liar women things would have been different. It gives you sinking feeling when you read a whole lie against yourself  when a complaint is filed for the first time and it is a normal feeling that,”Will she be punished for these lies ?”

And then you come to know that there is no way to punish her or even raise a voice against the injustice. As there are a whole culture and etiquette of not punishing but respecting women, leave these normal liars, not even the hardcore criminal women were punished. If they were punished their hard punishment was turned into a mild one. Judiciary works with a thought of protecting and respecting women so they never give the proper justice. In fact, judges try to settle the case between parties, even rape cases are settled with money.

If men are so bad in India why these women settle with the bad man's money? And why judges just let them go Scot-free when they are proved wrong? When Feminists in India demand equality they do not mean EQUALITY, they mean special privileges. The privilege of having reserved seats not only in jobs but in public transports, the privilege of having flexible working hours (and crying wage gap ), a privilege of not working in spite of being educated and asking for maintenance /alimony, the privilege of not taking responsibility and blaming men for everything. Equality word is just an eye wash because no feminist demanded punishment for criminal women rather they protect them.When a man commits crime mentality is,”Men are like that they need harsh punishment,” when a woman commits crime mentality changes,” Oh poor woman she must be having some provocation otherwise women are not like that .”

If you still feel women are being oppressed in India you are part of the problem and till this thought of respecting women goes around, there would not be any justice. Women will keep on committing crime and society will keep on giving them shield in the name of WOMAN. And Feminists will keep on projecting fudged data and sad false stories of women harassment to bring more money. This money will be as usual used for false propaganda against Indian men and we will keep on believing the fabricated lies of media and government. 


  1. A truth of India hidden by media

  2. Govt should implement Gender neutral law

  3. These laws and attitude of the society makes our country 3rd world, no matter how good suites our judges and lawyers wear, with this reality in place, they are nothing but jokers

  4. Copy of this article should be sent to all media and panel of judges.... Koshish jaari hai.... Very nice and factful

  5. Copy of this article should be sent to all media and panel of judges.... Koshish jaari hai.... Very nice and factful

  6. Well written. Feminism is a either a populist or fashionable stance taken in India, even by men. And it is often irrational sympathizing with women (the most sensationalist way to do this is to bash men) than making equitable demands.

  7. Dr.RAVI I.A.S., A lions heart in the system committed suicide but it's seems more then a murderer from the woman who is safe behind the screen..!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Fact! That need to be notices to save the innocent men, the forgotten gender. Thanks for highlighting the bitter truth

  10. India is not a third world country, it comes under second world. Third world countries are equivalent to counties like zambia, tanzania, counties you have nt heard the names of. i listened to your talk on the honey badger show and pointed that out and here you are again writing the same. Please correct this as i love your talks and watched mostly every video you featured in.
    Thanks again and love you for standing for equality

  11. Worst part is if men can't even talk about any unfairness towards Men as any men saying they are facing issues is labelled Misogynist.


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