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It was a burning  afternoon of May when we three women  ( Me , Deepika Bhardwaj , Nupur Bhutani) decided to meet a senior police officer . The purpose was to tell him about the arrests in 498a cases . Question can be asked does nt he know about the arrests ? Yes he do but when you talk to someone in person it gives a different impact .
                                                                 So we were at the police headquarters . After all checking and formalities we were at the office of police officer. This senior police officer was a very jovial natured man , didn't get any air that we are sitting with a senior police officer. When three young women go to a police officer it means they will talk about pleas of women . But this police officer was so surprised to know that we came to talk about men . He told us clearly in the beginning that his chair does nt allow him to speak anything against women.  He said he will give all politically correct statements so its of no …

The Great Rape Of India

December 16, 2012 came with a big incident which shook the whole world . The so called Nirbahaya rape case became news overnight . All the TV channels , newspapers were filled with Nirbhaya . People were so emotionally involved with this news that every other news was irrelevant for them . You say a word about Nirbhaya , you were thrashed . The outrage about Nirbhaya ignored the news where a wife cut her husband into seventeen pieces  . There was an atmosphere of fear and terror  , rape was bigger than Chinese invasion and Pakistani infiltration .
                                                                      The incidents after the so called rape were more surprising . The way this rape was described raised many questions . Many rapes happened before it and after it , why this particular rape was given so much importance ? Why the boyfriend appeared before media after twelve days ? Why was medical report was not revealed in media which tells some other story ? And the bigges…

पुरुष विद्वेष समाज के लिए घातक क्यों ?

( से अनुवादित ) वर्तमान में पुरुष अधिकार आन्दोलन के सामने जो मुख्य समस्याएं है वो है , पुरुष सम्बंधित , विषयों , समस्याओ और अधिकारों के बारे में जागरूकता न होना। पुरुष अधिकारों का मर्म , सामाजिक मानसिकता से पुरुष विद्वेष का उन्मूलन है। हमारी वर्तमान मानसिकता पुरुषों को बहुत ज्यादा जांचती परखती है। यह पुरुषों पर अपेक्षाओं का भारी बोझ डाल देती है तथा उन्हें बहुत कम स्वीकार्यता प्रदान करती है। निम्न कथन से यह बात साबित होती है - " पुरुष से अपेक्षा की कोई सीमा नहीं है और पुरुष की परिसीमा की स्वीकार्यता नहीं होती " यह मानसिकता पुरुषों के शातिपूर्ण अस्तित्व के लिए घातक है तथा पुरुष समाज पर हिंसक होने के लिए दबाव डालता है। विडंबना तब होती है जब इस हिंसा के लिए पुरुष को ही दोषी माना जाता है। यह भूलकर की सामाजिक संरचना ने ही पुरुष को रक्षक की हिंसक भूमिका प्रदान की है। यदि हम हिंसा समाप्त करना चाहते हैं तो हमे पुरुष की रक्षक भूमिका से हटाकर सोचना होगा। …