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Preparations for “Forgotten women’s day” were going on and we needed to prepare the list of demands for it.  A fellow activist asked me ‘Didi, think like a sister and let us know the things you want for yourself“. I tried hard but could not, after two minutes pause I said ”I am not able to think for myself because I genuinely feel it is about men not women. It became a joke that she is not able to think like a woman. I smiled and thought what is there to laugh and whom we are fooling, it is aboutMEN.
Society has a mindset which is generally conservative. It follows a set pattern and does not allow anything new. So where a man talking aboutWOMANis acceptable, a woman talking aboutMENis not acceptable. Men were amazed, shocked, surprised to hear and read my strong pro men views. I was an activist the day I entered the movement, nobody actually bothered about my case. People thought so what if the brother is no more she has an amazing life – a husband and two lovely kids. This is another …