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It was a bright day when i entered the studio of a news channel . There was still time left for the live discussion . We were waiting in guest room , the coordinator introduced me with the feminist who was a part of the discussion . All these feminists have this same arrogant look on their face. This woman was a part of a very reputed national political party which always talk about "Indian culture ".
         I could notice that this woman was wearing  expensive designer clothes and was continuously talking about her love for such clothes. Iam a kind of person who doesn't think much about clothes and she was a typical woman who was brand conscious . Her clothes , make up , hair ,shoes were all perfect . She told me she has a hair dresser . I noticed her manicured hands when she was speaking with gestures with the use of her hands . Then i noticed mine who were dry because of washing clothes before coming to the studio.
  In conversation i told the coordinator that i hav…