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The martyrs

The other day i was watching a news item on TV about the kargil war martyrs , especially Saurabh Kalia . He was tortured and murdered by pakistani troops but Pakistan never accepted it . His family is since then trying in international court of justice and UN to make pakistan accept the it. Being an ex Air force personnel's daughter i feel associated with the defence family. Then i thought these are war martyres who fight on borders .
                           We have other martyres too who are fighting for a normal family life . A fight which is going on in the country in uncountable homes . What was their fault , they married like any other normal persons , tried to live a good family life . But one allegation made their lives a battlefield, where they are fighting everyday . All day and all night they think how to come out of the lies against them . There is no law to protect them , there is no one who listens to them . Where women are considered the only sufferers. There are…

Effcets of false case on a kid's mind

One day my seven year old asked me mumma "whats an FIR ", i was surprised by his question . I asked him who told him this . He told me he was  playin CID with other kids so someone pointed police came to our place and we are facing a case . May be some neighbour have talked about it in her house and kid has overheard her . My son continued mumma inpector daya will come to investigate (popular inspector daya of CID series) . Then i had to explain to him about the fake case and all, which he was not satisfied . We didnt do anything then why case, he was curous . It was difficult to tell a seven year old that there are that type of people too . He further said mamu was so nice , when will he come . My son was very close to Anurag . In fact his marriage was a long party for him . I didnt wake him up when Anurag's body was brought . He still feels some day mamu will come back . He says everyone comes back in his stories and cartoons .
                            I think sam…


It was a regular evening and like any other homemaker i was waiting for my husband to come back from office . He told me , he will be late . It was 7.30 p.m. and the door bell rang . It is annoying for any mother who made lot of efforts to make her baby sleep .Door bell didn't stop , i opened the door and to my surprise there was police at my door . Several thoughts came in my mind in fraction of seconds . The cop , two constables and one lady constable . Like any other law abiding citizen i got scared . The cop started shouting so you tortured your bhabhi(brother's wife) for dowry . It took me a minute to recall that i have a bhabhi(brother's wife )who left my brother some two years ago after a month of marriage.
                           I asked the Cop to come inside the house and talk . he took my phone. He came in but didn't stop shouting . He was asking me bizarre questions which i didn't know what to answer. I asked my seven year old son to go in the bed r…

who conducts such surveys and why?

This particular article of delhi times in HT  is again an example of misandry. It shows that women gets less chance to speak when they are with men . How is it possible when  it is scientifically prooved fact that women are more verbal than men . It is a clear attempt to create hatred towards men . They have given the example of corporate world which is totally wrong , if there is point in someone's suggestion how does it matter whether the person is a girl or boy . And if a person talks useless he or she will be stopped or people will get irritated by them , where is the question of gender arises here?
                   To tell the world that men does not allow women to speak is disgusting . Actually its other way round women never allow men to speak . Ever notice when there are women in majority , they behave in a very peculiar way where as if men are in majority they behave in protective manner.