Media – The New Age Terror

A man was narrating his story in the community center – “We were sitting in a pub on Friday night and having drinks. I got up to buy another drink,  a girl groped me from behind blabbering some name. I was stunned, immediately removed her hands and told her politely, hello! I think you are mistaken madam the name you are saying is not me . She was too drunk to understand , my friends suggested me to leave her and run out of pub before she creates a drama . I did what they suggested . “
This man was saved , it could have been rape anytime if woman complained . Is that so easy ? Of course it is , even if you want to believe the man’s part media will not let you do that . When I say media it is all media collectively . Gone are the days when media worked hard to find out the truth now they work hard to make a man criminal and propagate that all Indian men are potential rapists . If you observe the news closely you will feel depressed and negative about everything .  You will feel you are…

India - Paradise For Female Criminals

I was on a honey badgers radio when a question about India was raised whether it is the third world country or not. I am not a very patriotic kind so I did not feel offended. But question  emerged in my mind after the radio talk, Is India really a third world country? Many worlds live together inside India, one can find most advanced people living with all the technologies and still not happy and then there are people living without even the basic necessities still they are happy. So what is the criteria of being a first world country?  Google gives this definition of first world countries – The term "First World" refers to so called developed, capitalist, industrialcountries, roughly, a bloc ofcountriesaligned with the United States afterWorldWar II, with more or less common political and economic interests: North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia.
But I feel these term first world, developing countries or third world countries are another types of RACISM. This ra…

नीलम कटारा बनाम फेमिनिस्ट

कई वर्ष पहले मेरे पति नीलम कटारा से एक यात्रा के दौरान मिले थे ।मेरे पति ने उनसे मिलकर पूछा था ,” आप नीलम कटारा जी हैं ना , आपका संघर्ष देख कर हौसला मिलता है। ” बदले में जो नीलम जी ने जो कहा वो था ,” जी हाँ मैं ही नीलम हूँ , नितीश और नितिन की माँ और मेरे बेटे के कातिलों के लिए यह सज़ा ही बहुत बड़ी है कि उनको कोर्ट में घंटो इंतज़ार करना पड़ता है । ” तब उनको शक था कि उन्हें न्याय मिलेगा या नहीं । यह शब्द उस माँ के थे जिसके बेटे के कातिलों को आज कोर्ट ने सजा सुना दी है। उसकी तपस्या आज सफल है , मीडिया के गलियारों में थोड़ी हलचल है ,मगर वैसी नहीं जैसी अमूमन किसी महिला के लिए होती है , क्यों ? फेमिनिस्ट भी चुप हैं , नीलम कटारा फेमिनिस्ट आइकॉन नहीं हैं क्यों ? कैसे एक घटिया चिट्ठी , ट्वीट या बरसों पुरानी घटना कह भर देने से कोई महिला ब्रेवहार्ट बन जाती है और पुरुष महिला को सम्मान देने वाला बन जाता है मगर इतनी बड़ी लडाई ज्यादा बड़ी खबर नहीं बन पायी ?
यहाँ हत्या एक बेटे की हुई थी , उस बेटे का कसूर था एक रसूखवाले की बेटी से प्रेम करना।  अगर बेटी मारी जाती तो वो ऑनर किलिंग होती , मगर मारा गया बेटा । और …

SULTAN - Misandry Redefined

I can imagine the furious faces of Salman fans while I am writing this and I wonder how someone becomes a fan of somebody . Sometimes I think that I have some super powers  , super power to see things which other people do not even realize that they actually exist. When I saw the trailer of this movie SULTAN I clearly saw the Feminist agenda behind the movie . Salman Khan is a complex character , he dated almost all top actresses but never married any of them . He killed some human lives and started a clothing range ,”Being Human .” He keeps on doing thing to cleanse his image but things go wrong . His rape remark was to get attention and sympathy of feminists but it went wrong . So here he did this movie to have the sympathy of women warriors aka feminists fighting for some imaginary oppression .
There are some lazy days when you  do not know what to do , so one lazy Sunday I was in the same position and decided to watch any movie . Sultan was running everywhere so I decided to go f…

Confidare Conference on Men’s Issues (CCMI)

Confidare is not only a platform for listening to men, here we see the larger aspect of the problem. Beyond the world of false cases and winning strategies there is a world called MAN. Man is a whole world in itself and this world is continuously ignored, bashed, battered by stereotypes and being judgmental. When a man connects with his feelings, he cares more, with this thought begun the conference. It was a perfect sunny day of 9 June 2016 at The Paul Bengaluru when all the enthusiastic men gathered to think about themselves. I and Bhuvnesh Sharma hosted the conference.
The conference was formally inaugurated by a retired judge (sessions) of consumer court Justice Sandhya Walimbe. She presented her views about men and their issues .She quoted Swami Vivekananda ,” Evil is organized and active that is why it wins in the beginning when good people will organize and will be active evil will  vanish.” She added that the conference is the first step towards organizing against evil. She quo…

Mother – The real culprit

While I am writing this I feel a lot of pain, not only on my body but on my soul. I was standing outside this school where my son learns western dance. I went to pick him up, it was evening.  When children come out of school , the front road is blocked because of vehicles and there is always a traffic jam at that time which is very common in Delhi NCR. So the road was blocked with vehicles ,while all were waiting for kids to come out. All I could hear was horn noise and I was waiting for road to get clear so that I can give side to the vehicles. I was anyways standing at a side still this car behind me was honking. In India (especially north India) if you are standing behind a vehicle you feel it is your moral responsibility to honk. And when there is small vehicle before you , you feel like King . So here the king car was honking because there was a servant scooty standing in front of it . I thought people honk why to turn back and exchange the hard looks , let us wait for the road …