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SULTAN - Misandry Redefined

I can imagine the furious faces of Salman fans while I am writing this and I wonder how someone becomes a fan of somebody . Sometimes I think that I have some super powers  , super power to see things which other people do not even realize that they actually exist. When I saw the trailer of this movie SULTAN I clearly saw the Feminist agenda behind the movie . Salman Khan is a complex character , he dated almost all top actresses but never married any of them . He killed some human lives and started a clothing range ,”Being Human .” He keeps on doing thing to cleanse his image but things go wrong . His rape remark was to get attention and sympathy of feminists but it went wrong . So here he did this movie to have the sympathy of women warriors aka feminists fighting for some imaginary oppression .
There are some lazy days when you  do not know what to do , so one lazy Sunday I was in the same position and decided to watch any movie . Sultan was running everywhere so I decided to go f…