SULTAN - Misandry Redefined

I can imagine the furious faces of Salman fans while I am writing this and I wonder how someone becomes a fan of somebody . Sometimes I think that I have some super powers  , super power to see things which other people do not even realize that they actually exist. When I saw the trailer of this movie SULTAN I clearly saw the Feminist agenda behind the movie . Salman Khan is a complex character , he dated almost all top actresses but never married any of them . He killed some human lives and started a clothing range ,”Being Human .” He keeps on doing thing to cleanse his image but things go wrong . His rape remark was to get attention and sympathy of feminists but it went wrong . So here he did this movie to have the sympathy of women warriors aka feminists fighting for some imaginary oppression .

There are some lazy days when you  do not know what to do , so one lazy Sunday I was in the same position and decided to watch any movie . Sultan was running everywhere so I decided to go for Sultan .This is not a review of the movie this is what a pro men activist noticed in the movie and throughout the movie regretted  the wastage of time , energy and of course the precious middle class hardly earned money .

Generally, if we notice almost all Bollywood masala movies are based on MISANDRY and if one or two movies are made from man’s perspective they are considered ,SEXIST (Pyar ka Panchnama , Aitraaz ). Sultan is the most misandrist movie till date , why ? There are movies based on feminist agendas but this was pure to demonize men . They want to propagate the idea of superiority of women . How ?

What happens in a masala Indian movie , a hero meets heroine they fall in love , the family either is against or agrees , the little struggle ,they marry , the story ends . Here Sultan (Played by Salman khan ) meets Heroine and it is Love at first sight from Hero’s side but the heroine is a male hater feminist . Her first dialogue with hero is ,” Tum ladkon ne ladkiyon ka sadak par chalna mushkil kar rakha hai ( You boys have made difficult for a girl to walk on roads ) . Interesting thing  is this girl (Anukshka Sharma playing Arfa in the movie ) is driving a motorcycle and acting like a victim unnecessarily . While hero is watching her with loving eyes  , she keeps on blabbering  some more feminist stuff. Heroine Arfa is state level wrestling champion and hero is a normal next door boy who’s father abuses him day and night for wasting money.

 Hero keeps on following her and she keeps on insulting him . And then she friend zones him just like a good feminist  ,” AAj se hum acche dost hain (From today onwards we are  good friends) . She tells him story how her father wanted a son but she was born and her mother died , her father was not like other men ( rotten misandry) he trained her for wrestling . In all the friend zoned dates Arfa keeps on lecturing Sultan with feminist words like," Your society thinks that a woman cannot be a wrestler ." Although movie shows people (men/women) praising and cheering . Which society she was talking about i am still confused .

 Arfa and her father has a dream of winning Olympic Gold , remember she has a dream and goal while Sultan is clueless about his Goal . He has only one goal and that is to get this girl Arfa .

Getting all the benefits of being a friend Arfa meets other male friends of Sultan and those friends addressed her as Bhabhi (sister-in-law) and Arfa gets furious on this . She insults sultan calling him a loser and questioning him how can he think of marrying her , “Khud ko dekh aur mujhe dekh “(Look at you and look at me ) . Sultan gives innocent logic that if you are roaming around with me people will think that we are having an affair why to be surprised on it ? Here comes reply from feminist Arfa ,” You all are same , same cheap mentality .” And she leaves him alone , puzzled , abused . Sultan instead of following his life again follows Arfa . He joins the Akhada( wrestling group ) of Arfa’s father . Movie makers want us to believe that a wrestler can be made in a month and Sultan’s box office collection shows people believed it .

Sultan wins the state level championship and now Arfa agrees to marry him . What is so new a woman always chases a successful man !  Everything is good till Sultan and Arfa are chosen for Olympic but Arfa gets pregnant . Arfa’s father yells at her , “yeh kya kiya tum apna sapna bhool gayi” ( what have you done you forgot our dream). When Arfa asks Sultan what does he want a son or a daughter , he replies he wants a son much to disappoint the feminist . Now the man is successful but still feminist is not happy as she thinks Sultan has become arrogant ,”Maine tumse naam kamane ko kaha tha tum to guroor kama ke le aye “ (I asked you to earn name but you earned arrogance ) . This reminds me the dialogue of Pyra ka Punchnama ,where one character points out about movie Batman ,"Batman  was a normal  man and his girlfriend said hey you are nothing , you are a loser and when he became Batman she said oh you have become Batman I wanted a normal man .” Back to Sultan , Arfa does not want Sultan to participate in Olympics as she is in the ninth month of pregnancy . Again movie makers want us to believe that world famous wrestler does not have facilities to take care of his wife during pregnancy .

Sultan refuses to stay back , participates in Olympic wrestling and wins the Olympic gold medal but his son dies as the baby could not get O negative rare blood in the small town of Rewari . And now Arfa gets a perfect moment for the blame game . She blames Sultan for the death of their son and asks him to leave . Sultan leaves like a good boy  stops practicing wrestling  and lives an anonymous life . Again this macho film is turned into romantic one , the hero goes to Dargah every day to watch his wife . Sultan collects money to make  blood bank in the name of his deceased son AMAN .
Sultan decided to come back to the ring as he was not able to collect much money for blood bank also to get the excuse from his wife . His wife Arfa comes to meet him when he is on death bed . Sultan asks her , “Do you think it was your pain only , I am a  father and I too was shattered by the death of our son .” Feminist replies ,”  Maa ka Ghav baap ke dard se zyada hota hai “(mother’s wound is much more than father’s pain ) . Feminism is not about equality it is about the superiority of women , even her pain is superior .

Sultan wins again and Arfa comes back . Once again it becomes a happy family , Arfa is pregnant for the second time and this time Sultan does not make a mistake and says he wants a daughter . And a daughter is born . The movie ends with Sultan training his daughter for wrestling and it gives clear a message – Kill sons use them for sacrifice (AMAN blood bank ) , promote daughters .

P.S. Not anybody’s fan .


  1. And this bullshit movie earning crores, tells us how far are we from the concept of men's rights ever setting in.

  2. Really a good writeup... Hope feminists don't tear you apart

    1. Thank you feminists should not dare otherwise I will rip them apart :)

  3. This is a completely different review from the ones I have read before… thanks for sharing

  4. So true ! Did laugh while reading though :)

  5. Once again Good writeup, Sultan Another movie of spewing hatred, #misandry

  6. Sultan is a movie about slavery :)

  7. The problem of the society is that is if a man don't surrender to his wife's wishes, he is not supposed to be a real man who loves his wife. Duirng the second pregnancy Sultan completely surrendered and people applauded for the happy ending of the movie in movie theater. In the whole movie only the hero struggled for the quality life. Arfa was only dictating. That is the role woman want in real life. Perhaps this is the innermost concept of Feminism.

  8. I am being asked by my friends to go and watch this movie as they liked it very much. But after reading this review, I am not going to waste my money on this feminist shit!

    Thanks for the honest review :)

  9. Slavery of men in the name of feminism. Men are to be blamed. Nice article Jyoti Di.

  10. Slavery of men in the name of feminism. Men are to be blamed. Nice article Jyoti Di.


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