The unseen The untold part 3

                                                             27 FEb , 2012 ( continued from
It was a regular morning for her(sister of A). Her husband went to play a cricket match so she had to manage the kids alone that day . She dropped her son to bus stand and came back to her house . Little girl is still sleeping so she has time to see the newspaper . She opened the newspaper , her phone rang its a number who is this why calling early morning , “hello hi didi” , “oh hi its you  how are you , It this is A ‘s best friend, “didi where is A ", "Oh he must have reached Lucknow by now” . “Accha ,who was with him”  “P and S” , “ hmm o k” . “Why are you asking all this” , “nothing didi his phone is not reachable”. “oh must be out of battery” sister said  . “Call him didi”, said his friend, “o k I will” she said  .
     She called her brother his phone is not reachable , she calls her mother , “mummy did A reach home”, “No” replied mom, sister said , “his phone is not reachable mummy please check with other boys numbers” . Mummy said “o k” . Sister’s phone rang again this is brother’s another friend, “didi how is A”, “I don’t know ,what happened”, she is quite, “nothing  didi was just checking” . Sister is confused what to do she called her husband his phone is out of reach . She got a call from mummy she is panicked and confused, “beta I called on P’s number somebody picked up and said there is an accident please come fast , beta I think A is arrested and it is a trap” . Mummy let me call my husband “o k beta” . She again called her husband ,again phone is not reachable , she called a colleague ,he is not with her husband oh he left the company a few days back , “oh iam sorry bhaiji I forgot” . “No problem bhabhi what happened”,  “nothing bhaiji” .
         She called a colleague’s wife and asked her to call her husband and inquire about her husband too . In the meantime she received call from A’s another friend , “ didi where is A”, “ I don’t know please tell me what is happening ,why everyone is asking the same bloddy question” sister is annoyed .  “Nothing didi just wanted to ask his phone is not reachable and iam hearing some bad news about him” .  “yeah iam trying to find out” Sister said she didn’t even think that all is over . Finally husband called , “hello yeah what happened” sister told her hubby everything . He said, “do not worry I will find out the truth” . Sister is panicked her hands are shivering with fear , she started praying but thought , oh I haven’t took  bath . Baby is sleeping I think I should take bath . She took bath  and she is praying chanting mahamrityunjaya mantra .
   Her husband came he is in a  lost state  she asked, “what happened” , He is crying bitterly, “nothing he met with an accident he is in coma” .  “O k , o k he will be alright Lord shiva is there to take care of him” . “Iam leaving for Agra give me some cash, I have hired a taxi”  , wife gives him cash he is lost and his clothes are dirty as he is from a cricket match . “Oh at least change your trousers” she said , “ hmm” he is changing and crying she gave him a water bottle . He took it and sat in the taxi . She is watching him crying bitterly in tha taxi . She has a doubt something has happened nobody is telling her clearly . She thought of opening her FB account . She opened her laptop and reopened her account which she deleted due the cases and all . She got the massage welcome back to facebook . Immediately she went to the brother’s profile . She is shocked to see the condolences messages there on his profile. ‘No no this is not correct’, she murmured to herself .
      ‘Let me call his friend whom he was last with’,she went to his profile his number is there . She took the number from there and called him, “Hello  how is A iam his sister ” “Didi the car collided with truck all the three guys died on the spot.” Sister didn’t say anything cut the call . She calls her hubby, “ hello what are they saying we lost him you didn’t tell me”.  “No no dear let me reach the spot calm down” hubby is trying to console her  . “oh please tell me the truth at least now” sister is kind of shouting . Husband cuts the call , he called her friend and neighbour , “hello Mrs. Sharma please take care of my wife we lost A in an accident” . Mrs. Sharma rushes towards sister’s flat and shouts , “please open the door where is the baby” . Sister opens the door Mrs. Sharma held her , sister wants to say something but words are not coming out of her mouth . Mrs,  sharma is scared, “cry buddy , cry he is gone”. Tears rolled down sister’s face , baby got up . Baby is amused to see so many people in the house she wants to go in mommy’s lap .
                          Meanwhile in Lucknow parents left for accident spot without knowing that everything is over .  Husband calls his wife, “ I think you should stop your parents from coming here they wont be able to bear it”.
 “Hmm o k” replied wife . Iam sending air tickets with my younger brother , he will drop you to the air port.”
Mrs . sharma asked her to call parents and tell them . She calls her father, they are on the way to accident spot, “hello yes beta tell me why your cousin is crying , what happened why nobody is telling me anything” he is worried and panicked . “Papa please you go back to Lucknow” she said , “why I want to see my son in the hospital he needs help” father said . “No papa he doesn’t want help, he is gone” sister wept . “what all three of them” father is shocked . “Yes dad all three” replied she . “Hey Ram” is what she hears on phone from father . “Papa go back my husband will manage everything there , you do the formalities in Lucknow” she requested her father  . Phone cut ,lost father tells mother, “my son was my proud, with him iam dead too”.
                Mrs. Sharma is doing the packing part , sister is lost people asked her to feed the baby . Baby is not taking feed . Sister is thinking, ‘is it really an accident or a planned thing.’ I need to know . Meanwhile she got a call from Lawyer , “hello do you know what has happened?”  “yes I know, thank you for calling” she replied  and cut the phone .  She calls brother’s father-in-law, “ hello, how are you sir ! it’s a good news for you A is dead you can distribute sweets now , tell your daughter to file some more cases and tell her to party now” ( the daughter took it seriously she is partying since then ). Phone cut sister’s brother-in-law comes he is shocked and lost . A was his very close friend . “bhabhi I don’t know what to say lets rush to air port you should be with your parents” . Little boy came back from school she doesn’t know who got him back , “ what happened mummy where are we going” boy asks mother. Mrs. Sharma advised to tell him the truth , She told her son his mamu is no more they have to rush to Lucknow . A seven year old  is too young to understand death .
     Husband calls her and says take care of yourself and kids, "give phone to my boy" . Little boy is talking to his father , “hello papa” , “hello beta take care of your mummy and help her ,forget all mischief  o k”, “Sure papa” assures  little boy  .Suddenly sister noticed the naughty, little boy behaving like a young man . Helping mom in everything , they left for air port . Husband’s younger brother  is driving and is quite . Sister is attending numorous calls , everybody wants to hear it from her mouth .
           They reached air port now she has to follow all alone . Air port is not a railway station people are not allowed inside to see off somebody but her brother-in-law is still requesting the airport authorities , “Please how will my bhabhi manage with two small kids all alone ” . Authorities promised to help, “don’t worry young man she wont be alone we will help” . She assures her brother-in-law she is fine and she will manage don’t worry . She enters the air port security check and all is over . They are waiting for filght , kids are hungry . She decided to buy the little boy a pizza . He is nodding that he is not hungry but when she gave him the pizza he ate it . Baby girl wants to play , mother allowed her to play . She is thinking bhai is gone without saying good bye or is it a nightmare , she is still thinking that somebody will come and say its all lie he is very much alive . Little girl is crying she soiled her diaper , little boy is telling his mom , “mummy fight is half an hour late.”
         They went to washroom changed her diaper , little boy is helping mummy doing all this . They came out baby girl is not eating anything . She is not taking feed either .


   Its 6.30 p.m. fight is there ready to take off . They boarded the fight . Little boy is quite but baby girl started crying . She and air hostess guessed may be she is having pain in ears because of air pressure so air hostess adviced to feed the baby it will solve the problem . Baby is not taking feed she is crying continuously . It’s a 30 min flight but seems to be very long people are looking at her . She is not able to manage the baby , little boy is trying to entertain his sister but its of no use . Tears are rolling down on the mother’s(sister) face . On woman looks at her astonishingly she quickly wipes her face .
       Fight landed , they came out of it baby is quite now . That means she was having pain . Little boy is trying to pick up luggage , mother said  “betu its very heavy you leave it” I will drag it mumma”  little boy said confidently . Her in laws are there to pick her up , all the in laws are waiting for her to speak up . “they killed him papaji” she said, “they send police to my place and then they planned to murder him” .
“What police” father in law responded in shock, ‘oh my god he doesn’t know I didn’t tell anyone’ she thought . She narrated everything to them . Father-in-law agrees that it is not an accident .On the way, she is thinking  how to console parents . Car stopped in the front of her house she can hear her mother wailing , father hugged her, cried bitterly . The house is full of people she went straight to mother and the first words she heard from her were, “your brother is gone what will you do now your pride gone, what will you do now.” She is consoling her but, “iam alive you don’t worry”.
Baby girl again started crying,  some neighbours asked her to take the baby upstairs and make her sleep . She took both the kids upstairs and made them sleep . She came down sat with mummy and talking to her . Everyone is waiting for the body , ‘oh bhai has become a body’ she thought .

                                                               ACCIDENT SPOT

When the husband of sister reached the accident spot there were already many people . All the A’s friends were there because there was news in the local newspaper and tv channels . Media found unopened liquor bottles and made it ‘drunk and drive’. Some local journos found the 498a papers in A’s luggage , so they asked the brother in law (jiju) “case is against you too sir what do you want to say” . He said, “iam here to claim body of brother-in-law ,will not answer any stupid question” . All friends scolded journalists , “are you people mad”? Formalities are over and it is time to recognize the bodies in the mortuary . All friends refused to enter the mortuary , sister’s  husband has to do it alone . He went inside the mortuary and he is thinking no let it be someone else its not A god no . First body , “oh god this is P his face is distorted” couldn’t control his tears, “poor young boy.” Second is of S and third is A . He got down on the floor wept profusely , “how can this be you brother”. He came out, body is handed over to him .


 Its 4 a.m. Sister could hear the voice of ambulance . Somebody brought a big ice cube . Ambulance has arrived , people are taking out his body out of ambulance . Body is covered , she saw her hubby and his stone face. Hubby hugged her and she said, “tell me how to bring him back” . He doesn’t have an answer everyone is crying . Sister is worried about kids , ‘oh they will wake up by this noice’ . She rushed upstairs saw them sleeping peacefully , she closed all the doors so that noice could not reach them. She came down and saw brother’s foot coming out of the covered body she could not bear turns her head away .  Mummy is crying inconsolably . Husband is uncovering the body from the polythene sheet . Sister has this crazy hope it is not A this is is dream it will be over . His dead face is quite ,no sign of pain , it feels as if he is sleeping . He used to sleep like this in her lap and in mother’s lap . Sister heard someone murmuring ,‘how can God take away such a handsome man’.
She is watching him carefully , there is no sign of injury how did he die then , she asks her hubby . Husband says, “there is an injury on right hand. He died of shock and brain haemorrhage” says postmortem report . She is looking at the gate may be brother’s wife will come . She has a hope that at some point of time they shared a beautiful relationship so she will come and see at least the dead body. But she didn’t not even a phone call from their side . People are asking question,” where is your bhabhi her hubby is no more she hasn’t come” .Sister doesn’t have an answer “Wow what a cruel world God has made romance , love all fades away just like that” , she thought .
      Its 8 a.m. body is of more than 24 hours needs to be cremated as soon as possible . Husband asks his is laws and wife , “is it important to take him to Gangaji in Kanpur?” Mother says, “No it is not take him anywhere his soul will not get peace, so let it be in Lucknow it is already more than 24 hours” . Sister noticed we women are so practical while father is still in shock mother took decision and the right decision . People are paying their last homage to him . Sister didn’t wake the kids up, she is not sure how a seven year old will  react on the dead body of his beloved mamu .
Sister saw her brother, again sat with his body ,kissed his cheeks and said, “good bye”. He is gone forever leaving so much behind . His sister’s life stopped there . The real struggle starts now for her .



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