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Media – The New Age Terror

A man was narrating his story in the community center – “We were sitting in a pub on Friday night and having drinks. I got up to buy another drink,  a girl groped me from behind blabbering some name. I was stunned, immediately removed her hands and told her politely, hello! I think you are mistaken madam the name you are saying is not me . She was too drunk to understand , my friends suggested me to leave her and run out of pub before she creates a drama . I did what they suggested . “
This man was saved , it could have been rape anytime if woman complained . Is that so easy ? Of course it is , even if you want to believe the man’s part media will not let you do that . When I say media it is all media collectively . Gone are the days when media worked hard to find out the truth now they work hard to make a man criminal and propagate that all Indian men are potential rapists . If you observe the news closely you will feel depressed and negative about everything .  You will feel you are…