The Great Rape Of India

December 16, 2012 came with a big incident which shook the whole world . The so called Nirbahaya rape case became news overnight . All the TV channels , newspapers were filled with Nirbhaya . People were so emotionally involved with this news that every other news was irrelevant for them . You say a word about Nirbhaya , you were thrashed . The outrage about Nirbhaya ignored the news where a wife cut her husband into seventeen pieces  . There was an atmosphere of fear and terror  , rape was bigger than Chinese invasion and Pakistani infiltration .
                                                                      The incidents after the so called rape were more surprising . The way this rape was described raised many questions . Many rapes happened before it and after it , why this particular rape was given so much importance ? Why the boyfriend appeared before media after twelve days ? Why was medical report was not revealed in media which tells some other story ? And the biggest question how Ram Singh the accused died ? What is happening with other accused is well known to world . But nobody will point because they are rape accused and that to of Nirbhaya .
                        Two of the accused died and the third one is about to die . The people who were demanding capital punishment must be very happy . This is what everybody wanted but here arises a very big question . Why everyone want the accused to die , what is there which everyone wants to hide ? Was this rape a big conspiracy to bring some more anti male laws in India ? Otherwise these under trials would have gone through fair trial .One by one they are killed in prison so that nobody should know what lies beneath "the Great Rape Of India ."



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