It was a burning  afternoon of May when we three women  ( Me , Deepika Bhardwaj , Nupur Bhutani) decided to meet a senior police officer . The purpose was to tell him about the arrests in 498a cases . Question can be asked does nt he know about the arrests ? Yes he do but when you talk to someone in person it gives a different impact .
                                                                 So we were at the police headquarters . After all checking and formalities we were at the office of police officer. This senior police officer was a very jovial natured man , didn't get any air that we are sitting with a senior police officer. When three young women go to a police officer it means they will talk about pleas of women . But this police officer was so surprised to know that we came to talk about men . He told us clearly in the beginning that his chair does nt allow him to speak anything against women.  He said he will give all politically correct statements so its of no use talking to him . We said o k no problem lets talk .
                                       He smiled and asked "please tell me your details ". That shows he was quite uncomfortable about discussing men . I don't understand why it is like that ? We gave our details and told him our reasons why we are talking about men . He was convinced and got very emotional on some stories of male harassment . He opened up and gave some correct statements now (not politically correct). He told us how a consensual sex is made rape nowadays . He told us a famous case of rich"Parathewala " who was accused of raping his secretary , which was actually consensual sex . It was proved by investigating officer that it is not rape and then entered the bindis  . The investigating officer was suspended and cried in front of this officer . The officer said this is why we have to file all assault cases as Rape . He said the biggest enemy of this country is "BIG RED BINDI " and the" CANDLE BEARERS ."
                    He gave some very hilarious statements like while discussing the famous case of a woman who committed suicide because of so called sexual harassment . He said all fault is of man "when antenna will go towards RDX there will be a blast ." He added he is a divorcee and never thought about another marriage because one experience was enough . He brought up his son single handily . He said to me its difficult to talk to a woman these days , they are not reliable . A simple hand shake can land you in trouble . We were listening , everything he was saying was against us still we were listening . Because that is the naked truth , we have to listen to this truth .
                                                            He added corporate offices should not hire women its risky now . I gave him some lessons on" MISANDRY ", how male hatred is creating problems for all . He jokingly asked "Is there any genetic disorder with you why you are so concerned about men ? "
                              Then he asked the ladies with me who are single that ,"she is secured because she has a husband why you people are spoiling yourself ?" I wondered having a husband makes you secure and women say they are harassed . On this i told him how this protective character of man is making trouble for them . He was amazed that he is getting lessons of men's right  from a woman .
                  Deepika asked him what can be done to stop the arrests in 498a cases , he said give us a law we will follow . Deepika told him about 41 (a) he agreed that it is not strictly followed . Nupur wanted to ask many questions regarding violence on men which he smartly avoided . He said come to me after five years when i will retire , i will give you some new perspective on these issues . Deepika again tried and asked we can have men's helpline numbers in all police stations , he replied there is no such rule so cant do anything . And he said no man will call in men's helpline to which i answered many men call me every day and discuss their problems . He smiled at this and asked me why you are doing all this . My reply was so that whatever happened to my brother should not happen to my son , my husband , my father, your son and you . He could only smile on this .
                                              We clicked some pictures with him on which he cracked many jokes how these pictures can be used against him - "senior police officer was caught with three women ". Over all this experience was good and it should repeated with other officials too . But fellow women things are really getting worse day by day, no one believes us .                        


  1. I am really impressed as you show the other side of the coin to all. Appreciate your endeavour.
    Dr sarang bani

  2. my best wishes for success of meeting

  3. Mr. Sarang, there is no other side. This is a unique coin with a single side!

  4. It's shocking to know that police officers r afraid of women so much.They r helpless & unable to stop misuse of laws by women like 498a,false rape case etc.You,deepika & nupur r doing good job.Keep it up.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Author,Every police officer is well aware of law misuse but cannot speak openly just like this senior official due to the same and children......the one who tries are often suspended like the rape case IO.Threat of job....threat of false cases etc are actually turning current generation of Indian males into hermaphrodite.

  6. very very inspiring job.well done


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