who conducts such surveys and why?

This particular article of delhi times in HT  is again an example of misandry. It shows that women gets less chance to speak when they are with men . How is it possible when  it is scientifically prooved fact that women are more verbal than men . It is a clear attempt to create hatred towards men . They have given the example of corporate world which is totally wrong , if there is point in someone's suggestion how does it matter whether the person is a girl or boy . And if a person talks useless he or she will be stopped or people will get irritated by them , where is the question of gender arises here?
                   To tell the world that men does not allow women to speak is disgusting . Actually its other way round women never allow men to speak . Ever notice when there are women in majority , they behave in a very peculiar way where as if men are in majority they behave in protective manner.


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