Effcets of false case on a kid's mind

One day my seven year old asked me mumma "whats an FIR ", i was surprised by his question . I asked him who told him this . He told me he was  playin CID with other kids so someone pointed police came to our place and we are facing a case . May be some neighbour have talked about it in her house and kid has overheard her . My son continued mumma inpector daya will come to investigate (popular inspector daya of CID series) . Then i had to explain to him about the fake case and all, which he was not satisfied . We didnt do anything then why case, he was curous . It was difficult to tell a seven year old that there are that type of people too . He further said mamu was so nice , when will he come . My son was very close to Anurag . In fact his marriage was a long party for him . I didnt wake him up when Anurag's body was brought . He still feels some day mamu will come back . He says everyone comes back in his stories and cartoons .
                            I think same is everybody's story here it is hard for us to explain the kids what is happening in our lives . Those who are going through divorce and seperation have to face it every day . Kids are the worst sufferers .


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