The martyrs

The other day i was watching a news item on TV about the kargil war martyrs , especially Saurabh Kalia . He was tortured and murdered by pakistani troops but Pakistan never accepted it . His family is since then trying in international court of justice and UN to make pakistan accept the it. Being an ex Air force personnel's daughter i feel associated with the defence family. Then i thought these are war martyres who fight on borders .
                           We have other martyres too who are fighting for a normal family life . A fight which is going on in the country in uncountable homes . What was their fault , they married like any other normal persons , tried to live a good family life . But one allegation made their lives a battlefield, where they are fighting everyday . All day and all night they think how to come out of the lies against them . There is no law to protect them , there is no one who listens to them . Where women are considered the only sufferers. There are fathers who are crying every night to hold their kids . But their tears are not counted by the courts . The family court is a battlefield where men are fighting to save themselves from falsehood . Even if a man dies it is neither considered a murder nor a martyr. Because men are not supposed to cry or even die (because of pain). They say "mard ko dard nahi hota " and all pressures come on men . Fight till the end but dont cry , dont complain because you are a man.
        The precious life , money , energy which was supposed to do something great for the country is wasted in the family court fighting false hood . So they are fighters , some of them are martyrs , martyrs of marriage , martyrs of life . Just like Saurabh Kalia's case court is not ready to accept injustice against them .


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