MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE SUPER COP  It was a call from Doordarshan(Government channel) and they wanted to do a debate on men and safety. I do not expect media to do a program on men and their safety so I thought let it be through women only . Going to Doordarshan is like home coming as I left Akashwani(All India Radio) some seven years back .  It was expected that I will be the only one talking pro- men during debate. I knew it other speakers will be feminists . It was cold day when I reached Doordarshan  . I was sitting in the guest room waiting for others to come . After a few minutes entered kiran Bedi , I stood up and said Namaste , she gave a smile in response. If I say I was not nervous it will be a lie, there is background behind my nervousness.
     Some 18 years back when I was a teenager girl Kiran Bedi used to be role model of almost all girls. Every father wanted his daughter to be Kiran Bedi . There were couple of Miss World and Miss universe but it was not considered very nice then . It was year 1997 , I was doing my honours from Chandigarh . I was fond of reading books , biographies specially . In this year of college I was awarded the best speaker award and I was given coupon to buy a book which was scheduled to be given as prize on college annual day. I chose Kiran Bedi’ s , “I Dare ." I wanted to read it to know how the woman became an IPS which was supposed to be a man’s arena . I still remember when I deposited that book to college prize giving committee the professor who was in charge of the section said , “ oh I Dare who chose this book ,I know it has to be Jyoti Tiwari .“ I read that book and knew how her father struggled hard and her husband supported her to become , "The Kiran Bedi .” Well this is what my anti feminist mind analyzed . She was chief guest of  college convocation too.
    So yes, I was very nervous to see her , then entered justice Usha Mehra both are hard core feminists. Justice Usha Mehra I read was part of Nirbhaya committee . They were of course busy doing “Mysandry“ in guest room. I was quiet with nervousness and thoughts , I was thinking how my father trained me to fight fear . He said whenever you are speaking a truth never be scared just say it rest thing will be done by the power of truth. Kiran Bedi and Usha Mehra both were discussing the alleged cab rape and were saying how that driver is regular offender . They looked at me I politely said I have read that a bar girl accused him of rape who later settled case with money . To this both ladies nodded with denial this cannot be possible , rape cases cannot be settled with money. I kept quiet on this just to preserve my energy for the on camera performance .
       Then we all went to make up room and a little touch up was done , Kiran Bedi started praising Prime Minister Modi , it reminded me how she praised Kejriwal a few months back . Well politicians are known to change their colours like chameleons oops that is a line from her biography ,"I dare ." We were in studio to record the debate . I was given the seat just besides her ,  now nervousness was slowly going away . While setting the mike she asked me ,”So Jyoti are you a lawyer “ I said,” no I run a community centre for men “. She was surprised I could sense the shock in her voice when she said to Justice Mehra,” aww did you hear she runs a community centre for men. Men are distressed too (giggling).”   She again asked me ,” so you must be listening both sides?" I replied , “No” She said , “why even we listen both sides .” I said ,” But madam  you give decision one sided , everyone is judging men if we do same what is the difference” . She did not say anything and took out her mobile and said ,”Jyoti  give me your email id and phone number many men come to me and write to me  I will refer you , I said,” sure madam .”  I thought of taking her phone number but dropped the idea as she asked mine after all I was representing the men who are suffering and she says she cannot help them
 The debate started and as expected nobody thought and talked about men , I was the only one taking on them one by one . I was a bit disappointed to hear Kiran Bedi she did not even acknowledge the sufferings of men . Super cop who took my number saying many men ask for help lied on camera saying no man ever came to her . Justice Usha Mehra giggled on the line that men are abused by women I got furious on this . It was difficult to stop them one is a High court Judge and other one is an Ex IPS as well  as  a well known politician. But I said firmly nobody will laugh on abused men it made them quite for a while . Kiran Bedi said the things which actually had no meaning , Usha Mehra repeated same things . Anchor Sudhansu Ranjan is pro men but I could see his helplessness in front of bureaucrats .
      Debate was short and it was over in about 30 minutes whatever time I got I gave the anti misandry dose. When the debate was over the DD News men came to me complaining about their various issues . Kiran Bedi and Usha Mehra did not make an eye contact with me and left the place without having tea in guest room . Super cop was a huge bummer for me and I came back home connecting the old strings and the new realizations 


  1. Jyoti in such blogs, please add a link of the actual debate too. Let people watch them..

  2. Rules of thumb....never trust three people... lawyer, politician and the police...regardless of how honest he/ she is....

  3. Great mam..very well written and i agree with you..i saw the debate on that day..Bedi,and that Judge lady were repeating same old things which i would say that dont even happen now..and yes anchor was pro men..according to me you were the winner ..and as you described your experience,it clearly shows that had a good time.
    i would pray that you have a long life with good health and happiness forever...

  4. Thankyou so much Ma'am. women like yourself are a ray of hope for the society. Please keep up the good work.

  5. Jyoti jee..Person Like you doesn't have to feel nervous in front of Kiran Bedi. By the way, You made her nervous and ashamed of herself. Plz throw her book..


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