Action movies are integral part of Hindi cinema . We love to see one hero fighting with eight to ten people . Generally, he is the man with his own principles and rules . But his principles include respect for women . Remember, Bullet Raja where he says, "Hum auraton ki izzat karte hain ". This hero or anti hero whatever we call him , whenever he is violent , it is to save women , children or helpless people around him . Now women empowerment enters here too . When women took weapon in their hands and they started abusing , killing , beating men . They cannot protect , they cannot save , they are violent because of their own reasons . This violence is not for any good , it is for their selfish motives . 
                          They are not taught to respect men ever ,so they will not . They have weapons in their hands without training or responsibility so ,they will only kill and beat . How can Alcoholism be treated by beating someone ? We thought same when Anna Hazare asked to tie an alcoholic man from tree and beat him , is it a solution ? Is alcoholism a gender issue ? No it is not but in today's scenario everything is a gender issue and that too one gender only , WOMAN . And men are blamed , punished for it . Same is happening with this movie and the whole concept of Gulaabi Gang . Lets assume that beating and violence is a solution for alcoholism then it is alright for women  alcoholics too ? We all know there are women alcoholics too , it is not only about men . This reminds of many famous people (men and women ) who confessed to be alcoholic and how they were treated in rehabilitation centres . According to this concept and movie it was wrong to treat them in rehabs , they should have been tied and beaten . That is what we do everywhere in case of men , we will never try to understand or listen to his points . We will simply blame him and punish him .We wonder Feminists and their supporters really want a solution or just want the problem to stay so that they can run their business on that .This concept and movie validates some points

It is alright to beat and kill a man .
* If you are a woman , you can take up law in your hands and you will be praised for it .
* There is no need of laws and police for women as they are empowered enough. 
* It is an honour to be beaten up by a woman . 
* Women are not capable of saving , if given chance they will only abuse and kill .
* Fowl language is bad if Honey Singh uses in songs , if it is an actress using it , it is a sign of empowered woman .
* No rehabilitation centres needed if a person is alcoholic beat him and he will be alright . 
 * Alcoholism is one gender problem ,that is male . 
                                    This movie is a desperate try of comeback of two actresses in maintream cinema , who cannot do DHAK DHAK and TOOT GAYI  anymore . Also their ego is not allowing them to accept roles of mother and sister in the movies . So , they thought of using the atmosphere around them , the anti male atmosphere .An actress who made her husband wind up his well established job in US , just to satisfy her ego is teaching other women same . How can an abusive old actress be called GULAAB (Rose) ? Rather, at this age their faces and personalities give men butterflies in their stomach . So , this movie should be renamed as JULAAB GANG . 


  1. abhi kuch din pahle hi news paper me padha ki ..gulab gang ke mukhiya sampat ko unke he gangwale ne group lead karne se hata diya hai..kyunki unpar aarop hai ki financially gardbadi kar rahen hai...but these directors will not include this story....all bullshit ....sach me Julaab gang.

  2. absolutely right...this movie should be boycotted...

  3. je baat JT. Julaab laga diya feMinists Ko...


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