The movement is about ten years old now. People know about the misuse of laws, the bias towards women. Political parties know about the men's rights movement, about the misuse of laws, then what is the reason for no change? Lets have a look at that. We all know what is Section 498A and in spite of any training and lectures we develop our own ways of fighting it. But we are not able to get rid of 498A from our lives, we remain with it mentally, emotionally. This is a general feeling in men "I am a victim but other man's case is genuine ", we judge men around us "कुछ तो किया होगा ".

It is disturbing to see some self styled Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) bringing back their 498A wives and some marrying 498A women, also dating 498A women. More disturbing is to see them still part of the movement. Nobody showed them EXIT from the movement. If we are running a movement for men and their welfare then any kind of support to such unscrupulous women should be avoided. I understand that we develop personal relations in the movement and we dont want to spoil that relation. So, that means personal relations are more important than the movement? 

If we keep on doing this then this vicious circle will never end. A woman will leave her husband, file cases on him and will be supported by one of us by marrying her. It be an ongoing process and no men will be happy ever. I remember the dialogue of movie "Pyar ka panchnama" where hero says, "ek ladki ko chor do, 10 khade honge line mein". Yes it was hilarious, comedy but there is a point in it. A very brutal truth is, that there are men  to support, pamper women and the vicious circle continues like this. I am not talking about the men walking on roads, when they do it, it is expected of them but when a so called MRA does it, it is shocking. 

Because we are few in numbers so need support of any Tom , Dick and Harry? That is alright get support but do not support a 498A woman or a DV woman in any way. More than 70,000 married men commit suicide every year and it does not matter to anybody. This figure will increase if we do not stop compromising. Time has come to take a stand , forget everything when it is question of a 498a woman . If you calculate like a common man what is the difference between you and other men ? 

This sounds like a non cooperation movement? Yes it is. It should be a non cooperation movement, "So you are a 498A woman or a DV woman no support from us." Reject a girl by saying this and see the difference. 

How can we expect a movement to succeed if we keep on supporting men who married a 498A woman or brought their 498A wives back? When I entered this movement I heard fellow fighters saying "boycott 498A women " and I followed it .  

*You want to get married it is alright but never marry a  DV, 498A woman.
*Never marry in a family where DV, 498A was filed.
*Do not attend a marriage where a 498A, DV woman is bride.
* Never date a  DV ,498A woman. 
* Never ever take back a  DV, 498A wife back.
* Boycott men who married a DV, 498A women.
*Boycott men who bring back a DV, 498A wives.
*Do not give your daughters to the family where a woman has filed DV, 498A.

Men are anyways dying and nobody cares about them so die like a revolutionist. Be a Bhagat Singh for the movement and say a big NO to 498a, DV or any other biased law so that future generations of men can live a better life. Think of a life apart from women, think about yourself. When things are not normal in the country how can you behave normal? Boycott the biased laws  once for all.


  1. Purity of ideology is supreme for the movement, actions follow thereafter.

  2. May these Commandments be engraved as "Word of God" to be followed to save humanity from ......serpentine spiteful sati's who are not savitiris

  3. The day...the husband accused of 498-A ...... picks up a paper in front of Magistrate...and say.....I do not bow in front of illegal law which proclaims me guilty as accused so I refuse to answer to your question "If I am guilty ?".....Go ahead put me in Jali for as many years as you can.... I hereby tear away your IPC which has illegal 498-A in it ( before that ensure some good friend from Media is present in Court to report the statement)..... 5 such acts in Court....Government will go running to drawing board

  4. Dear Jyotididi,

    Apart from DV and 498, there r other misuse of laws also.

    We all in many ways have suffered due to unscrupulous ppl who entered our lives.

    Your blog and the movement need to be much more stronger.

    Not now, but I hope, in future, I will be in a position to be of some help.


  5. Wandering Light, You made good advice to him when you said not to file 498a. Filing 498a or trying to get justice in Indian court is playing with fire. But he definitely has other ways to help his sister and her daughters. Your advice to the other friend is also OK. The point is we can't say whether he will listen. When a man is hit by 498a slapped on him by an unscrupulous woman, he has some lessons to learn based on the experience he had. If he learns his lessons, he would see marriage in a totally different light and won't jump into another woman so easily.

    The point for him or the other friend's sister are the same. Every human being when he/she is troubled as an adult, those persons are to be encouraged to take care of themselves, understanding themselves and to get into awareness that the first person who will love anyone is himself/herself.


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