World around you is teaching “respect women”  and it has gone to the extent that men are considered criminals everywhere .This has given an imbalance in the society and created the unfortunate gender war , we are all part of the gender war unconsciously . In this scenario how will you teach your daughters to respect men or trust them . Here are some of the ways to teach them :

1.       EQUALITY  IS AN OXYMORON  – Men and women are equal is the biggest lie we are told , reality is men and women are differently equal . They compliment each other in the inequalities . So teach your daughter to accept the inequalities and respect them .

2.       MY BODY , MY RESPONSIBILITY– The feminist wave around us is teaching girls “My body My choice”  but if it is not only their choice it is their responsibility too . You have to teach your little girls to wear clothes and make -up responsibly . You have to teach your daughters “when you are in Rome do as Romans do .” So wear clothes keeping in mind of the surroundings and people .

3.       RESPECT IS EARNED -  Teach your daughter that her gender does not assures her respect , she has to earn it . Respect works by give and take , if you give respect you will get it in return . So , if the girls want to be respected by men they have to respect men .

4.       SHE IS NOT A PRINCESS – Teach your daughter that she is a normal person not a princess . Because she is not a princess or special she should not expect a prince to come and effectuate  her wishes , train her to do it herself . Teach her that man is not a Genie who will carry out all her wishes.

5.       GET EMPOWERED DON’T BEG – Empowerment means the ability to identify your strengths and weaknesses and accept them as an integral part of your personality . So if your daughter is truly empowered she will never ask anything from anybody .

6.       SHE IS NOT ENTITLED – Teach her that she is not entitled for anything or any kind of behavior  for exp If she wants to have a drink she should be ready to pay for it she should not expect a man to pay for it . She should not expect to be forgiven after making a mistake just because she is a girl.

7.       NO MEANS NO – If HER no means  is no then HIS no is also NO . Teach her not to use her gender to fulfill her aspirations. Because he is a man does not mean he does not have a right to say NO . For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so teach her to take every action carefully .
8.       LIFE IS NOT A BOLLYWOOD MOVIE – It is important to teach girls that life is not a bollywood movie ,reality is different and difficult . A man has a pressure of protecting and providing , help him to do that instead of making unnecessary demands .

9.       STOP BLAME GAME – Teach your daughter not to blame others for her choices and mistakes . If she has made a wrong choice, it is her responsibility . All men are not responsible for her mistakes . Teach her to accept mistakes and move on .

10.   END IT GRACEFULLY – Teach your daughter the very important thing that if it does not works, end it gracefully .Physical , mental,financial,emotional abuse is not the solution. Instead of blaming and mudslinging accept that relationships do fail in life so end the relationship gracefully . 


  1. more than daughters I feel their parents should remember the point that their daughters are not princesses, because such misconceptions are generally fed by the parents, hence they someone else has to bear the consequences.

  2. Nice Article.
    They should also be taught to stand on their own ( get a job) and live with in their means

    1. that is what i meant when i wrote "get empowered do not beg " . thanks for the kind words :)

  3. Excellent article ..to the point

  4. The more any woman blames her man for all the troubles in her personal life, more women in general going to lose their value in society. It is like women are taking advantage of their gender and their identity is reducing only to their gender.

  5. Very Nice
    I liked that
    There are also some women like you, who think about the real equality and respect which everyone deserves
    I feel good when I see women like you because most of the women in today's world are just misandrous who blame men every time even when on women's fault

  6. Excellent article Jyoti, wonderful :)

  7. Impressive article madam...must be followed...

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