They say boy's life is easy
     Look at this advertisement and see the tagline "such a boy thing " , "boys ki life maestro ki life easy ". Do they ever think before making such nonsense ? No they don't because this is what is spread everywhere . Boy's life easy , girl's life hard . When they show a woman driving driving scooty the tagline is " why should boys have all the fun" .
What does it mean that men are having fun all the time and women have a hard time . Lets look at what an average man and woman do in India , how they grow up ?
              A boy when he is in growing age is burdened with responsibilities . He has no other choice but to earn because there is a family who is dependent on him . On the other hand, a girl has a choice either to live as working woman or as homemaker in later on life . If she is a working woman then also she has a choice to leave the job any moment to take care of kids . Nobody will blame her for that , Can we imagine a man doing it ? No we cant because he is a man he has to do a job to make both ends meet .
                   A day of average Indian man starts with expectations . Time has changed so man is expected to share hand in household chores . He drops children school and then goes to the office . Office work is very hectic everyone knows , its not easy to handle the things . Then he comes back with expectations that he will be come with smiling face . He has to do that and again the household chores , play with kids , discuss with them . Ask a married man about his weekend he will tell that his life is nowhere . He live for others and if you ask him what he wanted to do I bet most of them wont be able to answer. This is about a man who is civilian . Take life of an armed forces personnel . They are not able to see their family for months , live in all the tough conditions. On the other hand , there is so much to support a homemaker woman , she has all equipments to solve her problems . Market is full of products supporting her .
             And if she is a working woman she will get privelege of going home early , not working late , her safety etc etc . They have seats reserve for women , special buses , separate coaches . What about men , do they ever think about a man's safety ? All the hazadrous work is done by men only . When there is natural calamity we see men saving people. We use them , abuse them , blame them and then say their life is easy . What an irony !
           Lets take a look at young boy's life , its either school or college . Its a high expectation place , they have to face the cut throat competition . Not only that , there is nobody to hear their pain ,their part of sorrows .There is mental, physical , sexual abuse of boys more than girls . If the boy is sexually abused he will be asked "you must have enjoyed too " , nobody can ask same question with a girl . what an easy life !
                                      Moreover , a boy grows up with  the women stuff all around . Everywhere he is shown as the abuser , molester or a rapist . He grows up with this guilty feeling of being a man . Girls get privileges since childhood . I have noticed when kids play and they beat each other , girls tell boys ,"How can you beat a girl " and he gets this guilty feeling . Girls know since childhood that they are special and treated special by society, so they use it . Boys are told " Respect women " and they do even when they are abused by women . You cannot beat a woman , you cannot abuse her , you cannot answer back to her , she is special , privileged . That is why , there are so many laws to protect women and not a single law to protect men  . Still she is considered suppressed from ages .
                       So how boy's life is easy I don't understand . Boy's life is the most difficult one , have some sense Ad makers !


  1. truth startles me...though i witness it daily on the special preference for women..even makes them think they are weak and strong at the same time...craving for security and power at the same time...what an irony..poor boy can't even express himself...

  2. Maam problem is that they assume that he is born to do earning and protection.. and fail to understand that if girls have everything same as woman except reproduction system.. then why so much dhed bhau


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