SUICIDE - Privilege for men !!!!!


A country got independence , people were very happy . They were showing happiness in various ways .This man John was walking on road happily shaking his hands in air . Many people saw John walking like this , many got hurt by his hands . But nobody said anything as there was celebration going on . After few minutes a man who got hurt on his nose by John's hand caught John . John  looked surprisingly at this man and asked ," what is it , why are you holding my hand ."
            The man who got hurt said ," Because my nose is hurt by your hands. " John replied ," so what we are free independent now and we are free to do whatever we want ." The other man said ," yes but your independence ends on my nose ." John got the message but feminists didn't . When the lady in above video says ,"Its a male privilege to commit suicide" on Television and name it "freedom of expression" , she should clearly told that it is not . Her freedom ends  when there is question of male suicides  . Nobody asks her to apologize on this .Now imagine somebody saying this on national TV . "Its a female  privilege to get raped " what would be the reaction ? There would have been a flood of emotions , candles , protest march , slogans etc etc .
                                            But a man's life is so cheap that its alright if you call his suicide a privilege . Look at the lady's face expression when she says this absurd thing insensitively . That expression is an answer to those MRAs who say mothers , sisters and daughters are women too . The lady did what most feminists do, CRY and CRY , some very general terms - Male dominated society ,women are harassed from ages , they are not allowing me to speak etc . The lady is newly poisoned mind by feminism , she doesn't know that Sati system was abolished by men only , Where were feminists then ? Why no women ever came and took responsibility to speak against about it ?
                                  A simple answer women were never made to take a responsibility , they only blame . They get all the privileges and started blaming men just like the mouse who was made Lion by a saint and one day he attacked that saint only. So , if suicide is a privilege for man , let all men give this privilege to women just like other privileges .
                               " Apologize for this insensitive statement lady !"     


  1. Feminists and women are calling men dogs, insulting men and claiming that men should pay the price for what they claim 'centuries of discrimination' that women faced. This is a complete lie in itself. It was always the men who died in large numbers trying to protect and provide women. Shame on these criminal women of today and the feminists.

    1. true , these women should be clearly told respect men or keep your mouth shut !


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