I participated in a women liar forum . The chief guest was a well known woman judge of supreme court and other members were a former soliciter general of India , a Padma vibhushan kathak dancer ,a former attorney general , a a chairperson of some orgainsation and a treasurer . Topic, the famous and the favorite " strengthening law to fight crime against women . "
                                                 Honourable solicitor general started , here i would like to mention he was a magician of words and spoke with chewed words. He discussed child trafficking (only girl child) gave an example of a girl how she was rescued and sent back to the parents who sold her . He said when a woman is kicked out of house where she should go ? Nari niketan and working women hostel are also not safe. I really wanted to ask where should a man go when he is kicked out of his own house ? Another example by Ex Soliciter general that there is place called Apna Ghar in Rohtak , a woman runs that , minor girls are send by her to well known politicians . He blames those men politicians not that woman , who surprisngly is recommended for Indira Stree shakti awards .
               The well known kathak dancer , padma vibhushan - She was very honest , she said i dont know what to say , i can dance only . Still she recites a poem" Boye jate hain bete ugg jati hain betiyan ", I had a strong objection but then i thought may be she is talking about her son . Then she talks about BITCHOLOGY heard it for the first time . She says some student of her in US send this to her , it says " they call me a bitch when i say life my own way etc etc ."  After the idiotic poem and bitchology chapter she quits .
                 Well known advocate - She said a sensible thing that stop calling women a victim but she insisted on equality . Equality means talk only about wives that is what i got from her speech .
                        Guest of honour and judge supreme court - She says she is emotional because she is woman . Means men are not emotional . She says women are scared to go police station so they dont report , i wonder where are these women who are scared ? She talked about bride burning i dont know which part of India it is happening ? She says a woman is burnt and taken to the hospital by in laws , she gives statement to the police that stove was busted . When her mother arrives then she speaks up the truth that she was burnt by in laws . I strongly felt like asking her why always a woman's mother tells her about the harassment she is facing , why she does not realises herself ? She agrees that some (?) innocent people are sometimes(?) sent into jail .
                     Finally we were allowed to ask some question , Deepika stands up and asks them why nobody is speaking up about misuse of laws ? Why verma commitee is quite of misusers ? She cited some examples of misuse too . The honourable soliciter general sir had a lots of words from the latest dictionary to cover up the confusion created by Deepika like "SYSTEMATIC INEQUALITY " , SOME INDIVIDUAL CASES etc . The soliciter general had no clear reply only heavy words . In fact nobody had and any answer to our query .Solicter general said marital rape should be included , i inervened now  , i asked him how will you define consent ? What if wife makes false allegation ? All advocates backed us on this . The mike was switched off for a while to stop Deepika. Miss treasurer hinted mike person to switch off mike . We laughed on this . The discussion was concluded after this . We rushed to meet the the judges and all , they agreed on whatever we said . But i dont knowwhy they were in a hurry to just run away from the spot . I think we made them" LAJAWAB ."


  1. Feminism is all about emotions and zero logic. You ask them facts, data, logic, trends, numbers and you will find them running for cover.
    And their vested interest lie mostly bcoz of the heavily funded NGOs finding ways to break the family system in India.....just like it has happened in the west.
    You and Deepika have done a great job...keep it up

  2. Bah...only one word. You wrote it very well. Well explained


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