I dont know why iam remembering Rakhi so much today , may be because that was the last rakhi we celebrated together ( me and Anurag ) . In year 2010 , I was in last month of my second pregnancy . Doctor advised me not to travel at this time . So i called Anurag and said i shall not be able to come for Rakhi . He said "who told you to come , i will come deedz . " I advised him not to come as trains are  packed at the time of festivals . He said he will come by bus , i tried to stop him as bus journey is very hectic . I said let it be next year dont trouble yourself , he said there is no next year . How right he was .
           He travelled in a volvo bus from Lucknow to Noida , it took him 22 hours . He could not make it on Rakhi day but he reached . He was so tired that he said want to sleep first then tie rakhi . I said o k , he slept in my lap only  . My little son laughed on his mamu . When he woke up  he said," lets play Rakhi Rakhi now." i tied Rakhi and he as usual said gift due ,i smiled. We went to the doctor that day and she advised a ceasarian delivery . Anurag decided to stay back till delivery .
                               On the due day 27 Aug he said," dude dont be scared , i said o k champ ." It was a baby girl everyone was happy - My in laws , my husband , Anurag and of course the big brother Devvrat . My husband was a busy man attending congratulation phones and running for post delivery arrangements . Anurag was with me in the room and baby was kept in nursery . I saw a deep silence on his face . I asked him is everything all right . He said ya absolutely just a thought didi had my baby alive he/she would have been a month elder than yours . There were tears in his eyes , a father was crying for his unborn baby and i could not say anything . My body my choice seperated one more baby from father .


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