yes, iam a harassed woman

Sneha Mitra was annoyed by her husband's voice . He was waking her up as he was leaving for office in a few minutes . Sneha said coldly "listen iam not in habit of waking up so early in the morning ."
             "Early its nine o clock darling , lets have a cup of tea together." her husband said . "Please you have it and leave i will have whenever i ll want" were Sneha's words .
       "What the hell is this " husband muttered and left for the office . When he returned house was messed up and sneha was talking to some friend on phone . This became the routine and arguments started between them . One day Sneha was watching TV where a serial said its not easy to be housewife , she sighed and agreed . She realised how harassed she is , waking up early morning making tea doing all house hold chores , why should she do it ? She is not a maid , while husband enjoys out.
            Sneha is an aware woman , she took help of internet how to get rid of marriage . She was surprised to know there are so many laws supporting her . And she can earn a handsome amount too ,to get out of this hell.  Next step was to file a case against her husband . She met a lawyer who told her that divorce is easily granted if husband is charged of harassment. "Oh iam harassed everyday" she said , lawyer said "o k" and what about rape she thought a second and said" i hate him so i never enjoyed with him in this way i have been raped every night for the past two months ".
                                    Complaint was filed against the innocent husband and  his family of dowry harassment , domestic violence , rape . Husband had just one thought" why did i ask her for a cup of tea ?"


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