With great power comes great responsibility

We all heard a story in which a saint tranforms a mouse into a lion . The lion attacked that saint itself one day and the saint had to say" punah mushakah bhav" means may you become a mouse agian . Spiderman says with great powers comes great responsibility . If you dont know about responsibilities then forget the power , power is not for you .
          Delhi rape case is a henious crime , it should be condemned . But the point is there are laws for rape , sexual assault , domestic violence , sexual haressment at workplace etc. If a woman reports a crime there are laws to take action . But if the laws are misused and the allegation is prooved wrong by a woman there is no law to punish that woman. This means any woman can use these law for extortion . You give me this or be ready for a case . In 80s, dowry law was changed after similar protests and the result is before all of us . And the present protests will have a long term effect which we will see soon.
            People say youth has awaken by this case , i have a serous doubt about it . Same day there was a case where a woman killed her husband and cut him in 17 pieces but noone protested against her . I have a serious doubt that a lobby is working against the incidents where a woman is culprit . Some days ago there was a sting operation of tehlka which showed how the rape cases are filed in Delhi/ NCR . It clearly showed extortion of men . Give one more law to women and it will be misused like others .
                         There are women, who are related to men . If a man is in trouble there are many women in trouble too associated with him .So basically these laws are no help to women also. They will create an imabalance in the society . As there is already a gender war in the society so time has come when the law should be gender neutral . There should be clear mention of punishment if the allegation is prooved wrong . And believe me this is not anti women, this is anti venom .

                         For those who are misusing the laws" punah mushakah bhav ".


  1. पुनः मूषकः भव: तथास्तु !


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