And they say its a man's world

The day a boy is born in the family , he is seen as the responsible person . It is correct that everybody wants a male child but the reason behind it is 'everyone wants a person who will bear the responsibilties. In bringing up a girl we always tell her boys are bad , be cautious . Misandry starts at a very begining level. If a girl does not take up a carrer , she marries and becomes responsibility of a man , if a boy does not take up a carrer he is finished and so is the family .
                                                             The girl who herself is nothing becomes the helpless , nagging wife . She tells the boy about the lavish lifestyle she used to live in her parental home , she never did any household work etc. This pressurises man to do over work . If he is not able to arrange things for his wife and her relatives , wife can anytime file for a false case of domestic violence and dowry . It does not matter whether dowry is accepted or not in the marriage but man and his family can be victimised any time .Actually dowry is gift till there is a dispute between husband and wife . And gifts are given and taken in every ocassion in India . Dispute can be of any type, a piece of jewellary which was promised by husband is not fullfilled , a cup of tea which husband asked and wife does not want to make , or a passing affair of wife which she wants to hide in the name of DV and dowry . Police can any time come to the man's house and arrest the man and his whole family including married sisters , uncles and aunts .
                        Here women are not interested in fighting cases, they are always interested in settling down outside court with money . If the money is given then the above situation is repeated with some other man. Woman can decide the future of her child , since the baby comes in the womb . She can abort or keep, its her choice .  Court also favours mother in the cases of custody . Father are considered only sperm donors .
                       Now at work place any female can accuse a male colleague of sexual haressment . He can be accused of rape (even if the sex is consensual) and the burden comes on man to proove himself not guilty . Here woman can deny medical test as per law . Any woman who has some grudge against a man can accuse him of sexual haressment , eve teasing or simple haressment . You become a criminal in the eye of the society because you are a man and she is a" helpless , innocent woman" . And they say its a man's world .                


  1. Simply great.. I want to tell you that I saw your debate in doordarshan on marital rape..Congratulations for it..


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