Media – The New Age Terror

                            A man was narrating his story in the community center – “We were sitting in a pub on Friday night and having drinks. I got up to buy another drink,  a girl groped me from behind blabbering some name. I was stunned, immediately removed her hands and told her politely, hello! I think you are mistaken madam the name you are saying is not me . She was too drunk to understand , my friends suggested me to leave her and run out of pub before she creates a drama . I did what they suggested . “

This man was saved , it could have been rape anytime if woman complained . Is that so easy ? Of course it is , even if you want to believe the man’s part media will not let you do that . When I say media it is all media collectively . Gone are the days when media worked hard to find out the truth now they work hard to make a man criminal and propagate that all Indian men are potential rapists . If you observe the news closely you will feel depressed and negative about everything .  You will feel you are living your life with molesters , rapists and abusers . The man who earns for you is an abuser , the man who brings milk is a rapist and the man who helped you in lifting a heavy bag is a molester.
I was a journalism student and I remember what we were taught. We were taught not to show or explain about a dead man/woman’s body because dead has a dignity too. But if you see today they will purposely show the naked bodies to create the sensation . Sensation is the new word for media, show or write anything which creates a sensation . So if rape creates a sensation use it. Everything changed overnight in 2012, every rape became gang rape. It proves out to be false and nobody apologizes in the end still it is repeated every time any such news comes.

Media is obsessed with rape, also it is obsessed with demonizing India and specifically Indian men. As Sri Sri said they love to talk anti-India. If there is no rape they will create one, take the example of Jat reservation protests. Media created a story of gang rape, in fact, they found some women too who said we were raped. They sensationalized it so much that everyone was talking about how bad Indian men are and how unsafe women are in India.The Sardesais, The Barkhas were ranting on TV that Indian men are perverts. The same Sardesais, Barkhas did not give any apology when it proved to be wrong. The journalist  Tariq Anwar confessed in the court that everything said about Murthal gang rape was fake. Why it was created no media told us ? No debates were organized on why a fake gang rape story was circulated. But there were debates on the gang rape, all red big bindis on TV were shaming  Indian men , patriarchy , Indian culture.

What exactly happened In Badayun (UP) nobody knows till date. Was it an honor killing or a suicide or a love affair gone wrong no one knows. But it was propagated that those girls were gang raped and hanged.  All we saw was a tree and two girls hanging and a story created around them.  And once again Indian media was ready to paint every Indian man as a rapist .

The way the so-called rape was reported in 2012 shows what media can do. If you explain every cut of a dead body it will create a sensation . They were giving news of every minute and people were crying at homes. I wonder why media did not do same to Late Capt Saurav Kalia  Why his cuts and wounds could not make news? Because we are gender specific in cuts and wounds too, female blood is pious male blood is water. Also, why would we talk about capt Kalia he was not a rapist, media teaches us to only think about rape and rapists.
After media did this to Delhi in 2012 (Rape Capital tag ), it was continuously trying to defame Bangalore.If you google now,  rape capital it will give you answer Delhi and if you google emerging rape capital it will give you reply Bangalore . Media did this earlier too to Banaglore but got a better chance this time  . Media and probably some political party too , chose MG road new year celebrations . Again there is no complaint , no noise from people but only from media . And please note as every rape is gang rape now , every molestation is mass molestation . So it was propagated as mass molestation at MG road Bangalore . Those who know Bangalore very well must be familiar, what MG road is famous for .
But how does it matter if you know what happens in a crowded place where liquor and weed is common , media will make you believe that every Bangalore man is a molestor and he does not molest alone he molest in groups . Brakhas and Sardesais geared up , debates are organized and  male bashing started . If you see closely how it all begun . New year was celebrated on 31 December 2016 night and there was no news of any such thing on Januray 1 , 2017 . All of a sudden the term mass molestation arrived and it was all over the media . Still there was no complaint filed and statements were coming that media created this News .Then suddenly a CCTV footage comes where a man is groping a woman .  How that footage was described by feminists and Media – Two men groped woman while crowd , police watched silently . Man groped her tried to take her on to the bike trying to kidnap her .
If you see that footage there are two men and one man groped woman probably kissed her or said something to her which she probably  doesn’t agrees . Pushed her and ran away on scooter . The other man on scooter watches them , there is no police . And that incident is not of MG new year  so called mass molestation  . Did that woman came forward and file FIR ? No still seven men  are detained  and nobody knows what is happening to them .  I think that is enough for media to believe that every Banaglore man is roaming to rape a woman . Whatever happened to that woman in CCTV footage must have happened with so many men but robbing , raping , murdering a man is acceptable . All the pictures presented for that night are either distorted or blurred. Police is tired of saying zero evidence  but still BBCs, CNNs wants us to believe that mass molestation did happen. Interestingly , when news reports a false rape the animation remains same , a man groping woman and woman screaming in horror.

What is common in debates  after every such fake incident :

  •     Indian men are pervert
  •    Men should learn to respect women
  •    Clothes have nothing to do with the mentality
  •    Indian women are oppressed from ages
  •    Some attention seeking celebrity telling us story how she was molested once
  •    Big Bindi gang shouting in loud voice – Hang the rapist
  •   Political parties accusing each other of not keeping law and order in the city 

1       And what happens when it is proved wrong ? A pin drop silence by every media and desperate search for some other similar incident.

There are some very expert feminist men and women on social media who have every logic to prove that someone somewhere is raping and I can be raped anytime. So I should be careful as they are praying for it , wishing for it and probably working towards it . While abusing me they forget that they were preaching respect women and I am a woman. I am a woman so I am supposed to say, "Every man is a potential rapist and if I do not say this , they will wish me getting raped .

                         Now the question is why media is so anti India and anti Indian men ?  

Almost all media houses and feminists are financed by western  agencies . We are 1.2 billion people , it is not easy to conquer us by terrorism , conversion and weapons as we are aware of all the three . There is lot of work happening in these areas  . So how to break India now ? What is our strength we have ? Our biggest strength is our family system and who works hard to protect the  family , society and ultimately a nation - A man . How to finish this man and his family  –

*BREAK his morale by calling him molestor , rapist and abuser
 *Propagate that Indian women were always suppressed
* Propagate that  Indian men are oppressors
* Break the trust among men and women
* keep fueling the gender war
* create incidents of false rape , molestation , abuse
* Demand more anti men laws
* Pamper women so much that any crime by her should be seen as an act of vengeance
* Demand rights for women with zero responsibilities

All this will create so much guilt in men that either they will succumb or will commit crime . If they succumb it is good for the the sponsored media and feminists and if they commit crime it is equally good for fueling more hatred .

This is happening slowly around us and we are unaware of it . Too much information is flowing all around us and we are made to believe it . The 24 hours channels , the facebook , the twitter has made things worse . It is said that if you speak a lie for hundred times it becomes truth , finally the lie about men has become truth . A truth which is half baked , which is actually a lie but we are believing it and adding to it by saying ,” Outside men are doing it we Mumbaites / Bangalorites / Delhites don’t do it . “  Remember Mumbai , Bangalore , Delhi , UP , Tamilnadu whatever place you belong to when you stand in a court room accused by a woman you are just the Indian oppressor man .

Media is no more a fourth pillar of democracy , it is conspiring to demolish the biggest democracy of the world . Neither ISIS nor Taliban the new age terror is the media , you will not know and you will be finished-off. There should be case on media houses for  giving bad name to the country and men , they should be treated like traitors . Till we believe the media we cannot progress and we cannot live a peaceful life . 


  1. Very good work and analysis. You touched me here.

    it is not easy to conquer us by terrorism , conversion and weapons as we are aware of all the three . There is lot of work happening in these areas . So how to break India now ? What is our strength we have ? Our biggest strength is our family system and who works hard to protect the family , society and ultimately a nation - A man . How to finish this man and his family

    Media is no more a fourth pillar of democracy , it is conspiring to demolish the biggest democracy of the world . Neither ISIS nor Taliban the new age terror is the

  2. Very true & Excellently written

  3. Hats off, rightly said media is no more a fourth pillar, It is chilling whenever we see main stream media / social media bigots express their disdain for men.

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  5. Very well said madam. We are going to drains. After destroying west they have started destroying our country. Where disturbances between families are increasing

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