JATS, JNU & Men’s Rights Movement: Do we see any parallels?

Often people ask, why we can’t start a big movement like Jats or why we can’t draw support like JNU men. In spite of the fact that Men’s right movement is prominent in India we are constantly ignored by the mainstream media and of course government. Numerous protests,debates, articles could not bring a visible change. Only change we brought is people and even politicians are talking about misuse of gender-biased laws like 498A, Domestic Violence Act, etc. But the Men’s Rights Movement is much more than mere misuse of laws and nothing concrete is done to check the misuse either. A question also came up that we talk about the general hatred towards men,Misandry. So why we are not supporting men of JNU. Let us analyze all these questions.


It is an open secret that Jats does not need any reservation; in fact nobody needs reservation. But still, the movement is on with all the violent protests. They are burning shops, misbehaving with people and killing too. It is clearly politically motivated.Caste based reservation is a political issue. And a vote bank is associated with it. Whenever there is voice raised against reservation you will notice how media starts reporting news, “Dalits not allowed inside temple“or“Dalit girl raped by upper caste goons“.

Nobody knows the authenticity of such news but because vote bank is strong, these news are circulated all over the social media and other places. If media does not give coverage to a movement it will die a natural death but media gives importance to the negative news to bring down the image of India. So, Jat movement is successful. It gives a message if you want something you need to be violent, silent protests will not work. Men’s Rights Movement has till now used the peaceful weapons, not the violent one so we are not noticed so much. If government agrees to the demands of Jat community the message is loud and clear.


Why we are not supporting Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid or even Rohith Vemula? Places like JNU have been the hotbeds of feminism and leftist ideology. Both feminism and leftist ideology has always been anti-Indian and for some unknown reason anti Hindu and above all anti men.
Most media is anti-men and they will only support men when they speak anti Hindu or anti India or pro women. JNU is doing all this so media gave them a big coverage. They are worried about beating of Kanhaiya not about those men who are insulted,beaten in the mediation centers or prison for the fake cases of dowry/domestic violence. Umar Khalid is a helpless man for them, but not men like Syed Makhdoom, who felt so helpless that they were forced to commit suicide. They are worried about Rohith Vemula suicide not the sky rocketing suicide of married men.
All these men give a message that if you want to get heard, speak anti-India, talk anti-Hindu or be a Dalit. It is a matter of debate whether Rohith Vemula was really a Dalit but he was definitely a leftist. These leftists want to give rights to women and responsibilities to men. Why these men want other men to suffer because that is how they can rule or become an alpha man. Kanhaiya,Umar, Rohith are alpha men who have women followers going gaga over them.
We often hear news of sexual harassment in JNU and such news is suppressed always. Khurshed Anwar, another JNU product had to commit suicide and these so called scholars did not come in front to support him. Because he did not write in his suicide note anything about targeted for being a Muslim or Dalit so there was no charm in that suicide. Also, he had spearheaded the protests in December 2012, instrumental in getting the new rape law passed. One year later, he was victimized under the same law and he had no option but to kill himself.
These JNU people act as self-proclaimed intellectuals because for them being intellectual means taking stand against nation and men. I remember my experience of entering into one such campus and the faculty, there, did not even listen to the point while we were ready for a healthy debate.
JNU is always ready to go anti men as they did in 2012. There was already a law for rape and no amendment was needed but the intellectuals did a violent protest and the bill was passed. Khurshed paid the price for being part of one such protest . In 2005 Supreme Court declared DOWRY LAW as Legal Terrorism, the Intellectuals once again ransacked the premises of Supreme Court with the help of some feminist organizations.
If the young men and women merely studying arts and social sciences are scholars or intellectuals, then what about those who are discovering technologies to make life easy for other people?
Or those who are dying at borders to save the so called intellectuals. If they are really students why they are so interested in making India unrest ?Why no medical and engineering college never stands up for such an activity? Why these bunch of so called students are so worried about only traitors?
It does not matter to us whether Kanhaiya was beaten up or Umar Khalid was arrested. Everyday millions of men are beaten up,killed,burnt,and arrested for no crime at all. Does it matter to pseudo intellectuals? Here also message is loud and clear – claim to be a Dalit or a confused atheist Muslim or support a terrorist you will be heard and get support.


Mindset of people is important for a mass movement. The general mindset is, “Aadmi to aise hi hote hain “(Men are like that only). This is not the mindset of general public but of those too who are in the movement.  I met many men who are trapped in cases but have filed cases on their sister’s husband for same. Also there are men who believe that women were actually oppressed!
Basically the INTERNAL MISANDRY is making them behave like a judgmental feminist. They will call themselves neutral and take a visibly neutral stand. It is hurting the Men’s Rights Movement but people are not aware of it.
Generally the people who are doing this harm are those who never felt the heat as much as a real Men’s Rights Activist (MRA),did so it does not hurt them. These people are here for mere attention and they are getting it too.The sole purpose of people who come to us is to get divorced and marry again. Even if they marry they can contribute but unfortunately it does not happen.  A real MRA will get all kind of abuses and criticism for taking a tough stand. It is a big disappointment for a man who really wants to contribute.


Media is a part of society, if society is full of misandry what to expect from media. Media has its own hidden agenda, they give importance to negative news about India. They will organize a debate to discuss a feminist issue and they will invite the apparently neutral people as MRA. Media wants some entertainment so it uses the neutral ones as jokers.
Jokers are supposed to entertain so they do it. The purpose is solved for both, media provides entertainment in the name of talking about men and the neutral ones get attention.  Real issue nobody wants to discuss, media has a set agenda of being anti-India and anti-men. So, when the pseudo intellectuals shouted anti India slogans media stood with them. Also whenever these pseudo intellectual organizes some anti men campaign media gives them support.
Media does not have any power if we start questioning them and do not trust them with blind eyes but as we also have misandry in deep heart we immediately believe them.And hence people like Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt gain prominence and spread venom in the society.

Media does not have the guts to face real MRA; whenever it does it has to hide face. So, we are away, in fact far away, from the news channels and headlines of newspapers. But we know MISNADRY does not always work, JNU is caught and so is media. What MRM will do in this situation, we will enjoy this circus and wait for some other male haters to be caught soon.


  1. Wow! Such great insights. Hope it helps idiots of JNU and media get some knowledge.

  2. Wow! Such great insights. Hope it helps idiots of JNU and media get some knowledge.

  3. Your points are very articulate as expected from you. You write so convincingly that it'll be difficult for others to raise questions. I loved your article.

  4. We who really suffer know to a great extent that Media is bullshit. To curb these misinforming media, we techies came up with social media. These beasts have crawled into social media too, because they are beasts and can throw in money to create psychologically appealing content that sells. What add to the problem is an ignorant society that shares what has been served to them to be shared. They share it exponentially and beast media gets more and more powerful.

    Now the real question is that how do we overcome this situation and how do we truth tellers be equally effective. Well, we can create a better appealing set of contents with truth embedded with evidence, make short movies that reveal truth against the cool content that appeals to the leftists and sells.

    The point is, lets unite against this beast media and try to make us infants grow into a bigger beast with better fangs and jaws.


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