Ever wondered how and why your world has become upside down? Why you think different from the world around you? Why that female relative annoys you so much when she complains about everything in her life? Analyze yourself by these ten points -

1.    DUNIYA PAGAL HAI YA FIR MAIN DIWANA (Either world has gone crazy or is it only me) – Whole world is singing the women oppression thing. When you see around you see advertisements, songs, schemes, attitudes, gestures making you believe that women are oppressed from ages. But it does not bother you, you know the reality and whenever you encounter such things you smile and nod. Then at some moment you feel, “what is wrong with you, may be whole world has gone crazy or maybe it is you only“. And you realize actually world has gone mad with the word WOMAN.

2.    IT IS HARD TO KEEP QUIET –You get many messages on watsapp and social media about how great women are and why we should always respect women. You want to ignore them but the activist born inside you will not allow you to do so. You will reply them or replace them with a pro men message.

3.    CHIVALRY IS DEAD – You are sitting on a metro seat with your headphones on and you are enjoying your favorite music. A girl of your age enters and stands near you, she is able bodied but still trying to get the seat from you. You move your head and check you are not sitting on a ladies seat and continue to enjoy your music without bothering about the oppressed female standing near you. No, you are not inhuman, you have become real .

4.    FEMALE TEARS DOES NOT BOTHERS YOU – You switch on television to listen to some news and while scrolling channels you see a female crying about how she was harassed. You smile and think, “I know these fake tears “. You start thinking about the man she is blaming and then you switch to some movie or sports channel.

5.    MEDIA IS LIAR – You read stories of women harassment or suicide in newspaper and you can clearly see the MISANDRY in it. The one sided story angers you and you cannot read the whole story. You just throw away the newspaper. In few seconds media makes a man criminal and the woman, the usual victim, it boils your blood.

6.    YOU HATE THE SOCIAL GATHERINGS – You no more enjoy the usual social outings. Because of one broken relationship everyone has questions for you. Nobody is bothered about the pains you are going through they are interested in knowing whether you really harassed your wife or girlfriend. You are the man,The Usual Suspect.

7.    YOU ENJOY BEING A LONER – You start loving to do things alone,reading, watching movies,shopping, a ride etc. You do not want to have a big group to go out, your idea of being in love is to love yourself, pamper yourself.

8.    CUSTOMS, RITUALS ARE LAUGHABLE – You see people around you following some ritual to bring peace, you feel like laughing. These are the same people who are ready to make fun of you but preach about being compassionate in some ritual or religious practice. You want to shout the word FAKE but you do not. You hate the drama of LOVE YOU, MISS YOU because people do not really mean it and you know it.

9.    WHEN YOU GET REAL WORLD BECOMES UNREAL – Ever wondered that this whole world is a liar and we actually fake smiles. We meet each other and in spite of having so much venom inside us we smile and pass compliments to each other . When you become a true activist you actually start realizing this. Everything we do is a lie everything people say is a lie. Because you realize this and try to be real world becomes unreal to you. You become weird for world. People try to cut off from you because they are not able to connect with reality.

10.  YOU THE MYSOGYNIST – When you become a true men’s right activist a stage will come when people will call you a woman hater. As you stopped pampering women and ask them to take responsibility you are no more a gentleman. You will be termed as MYSOGYNYST. And the best part is you do not mind people calling you that, you will not give clarifications that you do not hate women.

If you relate with the above ten qualities congratulations, you have achieved the dangerous level of being a true male rights activist who believes in true equality. Welcome to the real world of zero drama!


  1. Omfg, you being a woman, said almost everything I think . were you in my head. Sadly, I have become misogynistic even without realizing. Thanks for reminding me

  2. Great thoughts and writing, Jyoti. Indeed, for MRAs, fighting perception is the foremost task. The MRA movement will be far more successful in asserting gender equality and restoring human dignity than any other effort of the feminist movements.

    1. Exactly MRA movement will tell the world what exactly gender equality means .

    2. Exactly MRA movement will tell the world what exactly gender equality means .

  3. Jyoti,
    Fantastic Post! I think not just a movement, there should be something like the Commission for Men or Men's Ministry which has power to resolve crisis....
    Thanks & Regards

  4. Jyotiji, beautiful choice of words, by this article, you have also made this clear that what's the actual issue you are fighting against and ur approach towards the solution.. Loved it.

  5. This is true in my case.... I even question plight of my sisters and other ladies from my own family

  6. So you are saying that every men's right activist is misogynist...and if he is misogynist than is it right or wrong?

    1. I don't know what made you think so read it again , people will call you misogynist and you give a damn. If you still have doubt , god bless you !

  7. Every point mentioned here are true in my case but I never consider myself as activist bcz of my belief that activists are someone who fights for others. Unfortunately I didn't do that but really wanted to do..these points describes the mindset of an individual and yes I have the same mindset...

  8. I appreciate you, in this hostile environment there is someone who really care about men rights. This make me believe about righteousness is alive. Its humanity, feminism is just a religion and i hate religions.

  9. I am also gone misogynist in my friends eyes. Every condition matches me. But the fight is still a long way to go.


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