ABUSIVE WOMEN – world loves them

Disclaimer : This article is written on my first hand experiences and it does not says pamper me or respect me .

The other day there was this failed actress making hue and cry about ,” NICE BOOBS “ comment on her profile picture . Although there was nothing nice still she thought she can create drama to gain something out of the women pampering wave going on worldwide. Women pampering is always equal to male bashing. It was necessary to stop the male bashing so I reacted. To my surprise her male protectors came up with all the abuses. They were protecting one woman with, “ RESPECT WOMEN“ slogan and comfortably disrespecting another .

This was not happening for the first time, so I did my job without being bothered by the abuses. But it forced me to think why men love the abusive drama queens? They will ignore the simple women with zero drama but will pamper the abusive drama queens. I have seen this throughout my life , say a good thing in a very simple way no man will give you a damn , say same thing in an abusive controlling manner men will fall for you. I researched and found that all the religious material around us is teaching us same .

Let us take example of Ganga , she killed her own babies by drowning them in river but for us she is a Devi (Goddess) . We give number of logic and arguments to cover the cruel act of Ganga . She should have been a criminal but she is a Goddess.  Sita was a stubborn woman which is proved by the fact that in spite of knowing that jungle is a dangerous place she demanded skin of a particular deer . She even put her brother in law in danger she did not follow the instructions given by Laxman and was caught by Ravana .  Raavana did what a protector is supposed to do  when his sister is insulted , he did not forced himself on sita still he is a villain and sita is victim . People worship Sita and burn effigy of Ravana every year.

Draupadi another woman in mythology was an indisciplined  and arrogant woman  . She insulted her brother in law Duryodhan and when he retaliated in future he was termed as a villain.  Again Draupadi became victim, people completely ignored the fact that Draupadi started whatever happened to the family . Tulsidas is often ridiculed for his love for his wife also he is criticized for leaving his wife when he turned MGTOW .  His love for his wife should be respected but his own wife insulted him . As a result of the humiliation he decided to leave his wife, son and he became MGTOW . People criticize him for deserting wife and son but nobody bothered to see that his wife was an abusive drama queen . 

There is a Hindi book YASHODHARA which talks about wife of Mahatama Buddha (Prince Siddhartha ) . He is again criticized for deserting his wife and son. It is said that he was always inclined towards SPIRITUALISM and he never wanted to live life of  a GRIHASTHA (married man) . But he was forced and when he could not survive he left everything . He left the palace, the luxuries and his wife and son .Feminists often blabber about him leaving his wife behind. There is a dialogue in the misnadrist movie Lajja ,"No woman leaves home for spiritualism only men do“ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hFpNybHVbo..Although we know this is not true because there is example of Meera . But we accepted the male bashing as usual.

                                              DAMSEL IN DISTRESS

The problem with men is they love Damsel in distress and they love to be a protector. This is the reason why rape stories are given much importance. People fanaticize a woman shouting, screaming and a man forcing himself on her. And then the protector wakes up and abuses everyone who shows the mirror to him. He cannot digest a woman saying confidently that women lie and they do all type of drama because this breaks his fantasy of protecting women. So if one woman says, “Hey I can protect myself and I do not need your help “  that protector gets hurt . It results in ABUSES and,”Go back to kitchen make sandwiches “ kind of statements.

The usual drama queen fits into the picture of Damsel in distress and men will love to protect and pamper her. Honestly speaking those men who cry WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, GENDER EQUALITY day and night would not be able to digest if it really happens. Because then whom will they protect? A woman opening doors for herself, earning herself, not asking for attention is such an uncomfortable feeling. A woman speaking for MEN is such a disaster. It is the woman who needs help not man how can someone just break the rules ? Abuse her to the core, show her fear of her daughter getting raped some day  , ridicule her by saying she is the boss at home and she is actually a FEMINIST , search all the flaws in her and make her down . Men who talk a lot about women will do all this to demean the woman who does not fit in the drama queen category.

A saree clad woman wearing mangalsutra cooking in the kitchen is the real Dream Girl  for men. It does not matter if she abuses, harasses , insults everyone around . A woman speaking naked truth without creating drama is not acceptable but a woman creating drama out of nothing is admirable.  Men will applaud me for speaking in favor of men but will get disappointed when I do not fit in the category of Damsel in distress –“  AAh she does not wear bindi , mangalsutra  what kind of woman is she ,she is a culture spoiler “ . Men are not able to understand how culture is actually vulture for them. It was the culture savior only who gave statement ,"Aurat hai maaf kar do" ,Because she is a woman  

This is because we are accustomed to worship abusive women since ages .“ Respect women “ says scriptures it did not talk about punishing the abusive women . We were trained to celebrate and love abusive women and tolerate whatever they do and It will take a lot of time and training to teach men not to respect anyone if they do not deserve . 


  1. "But it forced me to think why men love the abusive drama queens?...I researched and found that all the religious material around us is teaching us same .

    Let us take example of Ganga , she killed her own babies by drowning them in river but for us she is a Devi (Goddess) . We give number of logic and arguments to cover the cruel act of Ganga . She should have been a criminal but she is a Goddess."

    This is amazing. The spiritual teachings normalizing that behavior in women has to have a massive ripple effect all throughout society. We here in America don't have that sort of spiritual teaching but our Hollywood industry might as well be viewed as our main "spiritual" experience here and the movies and television shows are an almost endless stream of normalization of personality disordered female behavior. The reality shows here are the worst and they currently are the most popular television genre.

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  3. Nice jyoti di, I miss your Hindi blog too kindly do something in this regard

  4. I also thought about this, and reached the conclusion that sex is a power game for a most people, man or woman. I am told that this is a reflection of personality in people's sex lives. So for a man raised as a protector, power becomes important because you cannot be a protector without being powerful. So men become the 'masculine' and expect women to be 'feminine' or powerless.

    Now why these men go around protecting random woman at the expense of other men is something I have never understood. I like to think this is because they are not getting as much sex from their wife or girl friend, if they have, as they require to calm them down. But how would I know?

    1. There is a possible reason why these men go on protecting random woman. These men find their own woman is not satisfied with them. And in this situation, these men don't check their self-esteem. Instead, they want to be in the good books of other women only. And they got a convenient way also - That is blaming her husband and she is happy also to listen to what they do.

  5. I am trying to understand why an abusive woman is loved by the people. During my meetings with men who have to fight the false cases files by their wives, one thing these men tell is the wife complained to the neighbors that the husband is abusing her. Those elderly neighbors come to her house and they all blame the husband. This is my experience also. The husband is confused. Definitely because he has no idea how he has accused his wife. And he also believes the elders are correct. He is clueless. The wife is encouraged by what these neighbors do and then she abuses her husband more and then files false cases. These men get support only from other men who have had this same experience and still it takes long time to make these men accept that they did nothing wrong. And because of these confusions, they find it difficult to fight the cases also. I like to convince them not to follow what the society says and give importance to the feelings they have about those people and the wife. And thus these elderly neighbors are responsible for breaking the family this way.

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