Business Of Death

There are many jokes related to insurance. One of them is how it makes you millionaire after death. We take it as a joke till it comes on us. No insurance is subject of solicitation we all know this. But insurance companies cry this day and night. You do not even know that this man can have insurance but every man in this world has a price tag on him. And if the man is dead his price doubles. Just like an elephant “ Mara hua aadmi sawa laakh ka”.

    Accidents are the best death for a man because it increases his value. If you do not know that accidental death brings you money don’t worry, somewhere in the world an insurance agent is keeping an eye on you. This agent is not heartless; he/she will wait till the funeral is over and then will come and tell you the benefits of the recent death in the family. It doesn’t matter whether you want that money or not , it doesn’t matter whether you are in need of that money or not , a case will be filed from  your behalf .Road accident claim should be for the poor people who are needy but  Road Accident claim does not look at the fact that family is well off they don’t need money, after all it is the matter of “BANDAR BAANT “ (बंदर बाँट). This case is called motor accident claim (MACT) . This case does not need a nominee as nobody knows that he/she will die by accident.

              Now, who is most beneficiary of this money? Of course the WOMAN in that man’s life the so called WIFE.  It does not matter (just like any other matrimonial case) that woman never lived with that man. She never contributed in the marriage. She will get all the money for technically being the Wife. It doesn’t matter that man died because of HER. Business of death will go as usual.  A woman, who says on one hand that she was tortured for dowry, was beaten up brutally, on other hand when claims accident insurance says husband was very nice fellow there was lots of love between them. Court will overlook this because now she is the helpless Widow. A woman who never believed in marriage suddenly becomes “Helpless widow.”

               Why people are so eager to help the “Helpless widow “who is planning to remarry with the accident claim money? The real business starts now. There is share of everyone in the money, the insurance lawyer, the” BABU “, the investigating officer and of course “The my lord Judge “ .   Again the” Bandar baant “.It is a well known business in insurance sector, an open secret. If you are fighting a case mind you, your own lawyer will tell you (Aisa hi hota hai kuch nahi kar sakte ) “This is how it runs nothing can be done “.

           So, who says India is a poor country, it has lots of money. It gives money after death whether a family needs it or not. Woman can always en cash a man whether he is dead or alive. Insurance sector will overlook like judiciary that woman is capable of earning. If you give this fact they will show you some idiotic rule book which says WIFE will be given biggest part of the insurance claim. Wife who has an estranged relation with the husband or was divorced will also get the benefit of the death claim. Interesting thing is we always heard Insurance works on the emotions; the person who is emotionally attached with the deceased person will get the benefits. Here they assume Wife was emotionally attached. Even if Wife conspired to kill husband and litigation are pending still she is eligible to get the money.

             So death is a business for them, dead men are absolutely fine women should live and enjoy their lives. Women should remarry make some other man die, it is perfectly normal. Men are here to get tortured, protect and die. And women here are to use, abuse and then of course blame and en cash it. It is a business you see do not get emotional a MAN died, all is well.



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  3. "Wife who has an estranged relation with the husband or was divorced will also get the benefit of the death claim"

    VERY VERY INTERESTING!!! And very sinister! The ex-wife doesn't get any of the insurance money here in the US if the ex husband dies so I was shocked to discover she can still get the money in India! This is so unfair and corrupt.


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