MP outreach program in Monsoon

                                          " अंधकार को क्यों धिक्कारें नन्हा सा इक दीप जलाएं "
Yes I know people are depressed because one more anti male law is passed . One question arises in my mind didn't we know that it will pass ? Why we had so many expectations from our so called law makers ? We all know how biased they are towards women and how the laws are passed in India .
                                  But in all these chaos there are some very positive things happening around us , amazed, have a look with me . We all know that "Monsoon session " of parliament was crucial to us . So , like every session we planned an MP outreach program in this session too . It was raining heavily the day we started it . We were walking under umbrellas to "Ring the bell " of each MP house . We were welcomed at every house , listened carefully . Some of them were amazed that there is something called " MEN'S RIGHT " . I remember one P.A. of MP saying that ,'this is an eye opener for him .' Yes it is ,women suffering from ages is  the thing they always heard.
                              Some MPs were hard core feminists (manginas ) , they heard us and argued that in rural areas women are suffering . To surprise them we had news items of rural areas . Some MPs were amazed to hear me talking of men's right, their question "Men's right , lady are you alright ?" I had some very good answers for them that," if the men who are taking all the risks and who are backbone of society are not safe , how can I be safe, so sir all rights actually start with Men's right ."
                                                                       There were others who fully supported us and were frustrated themselves . They said if we say this in parliament we will be called anti women . We met some MPs who suffered through these laws themselves . They expressed their helplessness that they have to follow party line . Some MPs  recognized us because we met them earlier too .
                                  We met some really big names in this period of time and we went to parliament to meet them . We were promised and ditched which is alright because after all they are politicians . We were meeting them admist the reports of IRBM being placed and they were assuring us that it wont pass .
                             On a panic stricken day, when there were reports coming that It can pass any moment we decided to meet The Law Minister of India . We went to his office and like any other time we were told to wait . We clearly told them we are not going without meeting him . So , he came talked to us in a very non serious approach . We were asked to go to court if anything is wrong in the present bill and that duration of marriage doesn't matter . We got a clear cut message that this bill will pass at any cost and in this session only . That day I saw a dictator in the "so called democracy ."
                                  Till now , We met at least 70 MPs , and others people were meeting too at their places . We got positive response from most of them . Still , IRBM was passed so what we knew, it will happen . We saw some real good debate in RS on this . We saw MPs speaking our language , "why women empowerment on the cost of men ?" Even those who said we don't agree what men's right activists are saying  were actually spreading our message . Message of men's right reached the parliament finally . This is our victory , people knew out there that we have reached parliament with a bang .
              Our hard work , our sweat paid off well . Those who were a part of this program  know we did it in rain , in humidity, in  all the adversities . It is not the law we are fighting against , we are fighting against  MISANDRY , the hatred towards men . It is the DAWN of Men's right , there is more to come because "KOSHISH JAARI HAI "


  1. यदि हम नहीं भूलते पथ, किसे मंजिल के महत का ध्यान आता |

    राज्यसभा से नया हिन्दू विवाह अधिनियम पास हो गया, हो सकता है यह लोकसभा से भी पास हो जायेगा | अपनी कोशिश जारी रखते हुए अब यह मॉंग रखी जाये की इस IrBM बिल की प्रामाणिकता व वैधता को सर्वोच्च न्यायालय से मुहर लगवाई जाये | क्योंकि फैसला अदालत को ही करना है अपने समानता एवं मानवता के अधिकार से हम सभी क्यों वंचित रहें, क्योंकि 498a धारा का अधिकांश दुरुपयोग हुआ है, जिस पर सर्वोच्च न्यायालय ने इसे कानूनी आतंकवाद की संज्ञा दी है | आखिर अदालत ऐसे कानून को अमल में लाने से पहले ही अपनी कठोर प्रतिक्रिया देते हुए उसे अव्यवहारिक तौर पर निरस्त करे और स्पष्ट प्रतिक्रिया देनी चाहिए कि इस पर उचित फैसला नहीं दिया जा सकता, यह मानवीय अधिकारों का हनन है | न्यायालय को भी अपने दायित्व को समझना चाहिए | आखिर पुरुष समुदाय की अनदेखी क्यों?

  2. Great Motivation Jyoti....yes no rukhenge thakenge Hum.....

    1. tu na rukega kabhi tu na thamega kabhi kar shapath kar shapath :)

  3. Jyoti Ji you are the light at the end of the tunnel and you and Deepika where the God sent angel for mens right movement. Keep up your good work.

  4. we also met some MPS in andhra pradesh ,They even dont know what is IRBM bill we educated about IRBM bill to MPS most of them reply positive ,because of telegana issue they didn't focus much on this.UPA govt is bringing this bill for vote bank politics.If this bill come into existence it will be massive damage to husband families even indian economy may collapse by this bill ,productivity ,efficiency of men wiil reduce and we can't compete with world.there will be lot of damage,destruction ,and complete collapse of indian family system


    1. Grt effort Niharika , we have to continue with this effort !


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