what went wrong with empowerment

 All these news items are very disturbing where women are falsely accusing men for rape . Rape which is considered a heinous crime and women are lying for it . Laws against these crimes were made to stop this crime but where is the crime ? There are some falsely accused men and their dignity http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-03-11/india/37622494_1_diagnostic-centre-mayapuri-jail-term or do we think that man does not have a dignity ?
 When a man is falsely accused there are others in the family too ,whose dignity is at stake . So what exactly went wrong with the empowerment of women ? Why all empowered women are using laws as per their choice http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/DEL-women-using-rape-laws-for-vengeance-and-vendetta-to-force-men-into-marriage-delh-4274464-NOR.html
 Misuse is a word which everyone agrees , even the courts . Then why still this term EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN is so charming for us ? The whole idea of empowerment is confusing . The makers of empowerment were so confused that it became begging and extortion.
                                         Empowerment should be to make a person self sufficient but here empowerment meant suppression of men . Punishing him for every failed relationship . So all the empowered women know how to abuse , use and extort money from a man . Empowerment comes with the sense of responsibility . If a woman is not able to take the responsibility of her action empowerment is not for her . Rape is a fashionable word now . All women claim that they were raped once . Even Jiah khan claims in her so called suicide note that she was raped . A twenty five year old woman living alone , enjoying the high profile lifestyle was raped is hard to believe . But people are sharing her suicide note with loads of sympathies . A corrupt life style and a spoilt fatherless child didn't take responsibility of her actions because empowerment doesn't teaches that to women .
                           Women empowerment means blame men and enjoy on his money . Extort as much as you can . That is why a woman in live- in relationship blames man for raping her after years . Say yes to whatever she says otherwise be ready for a fake case .  Woman wants it so it is empowerment .
                                         Empowerment without responsibilities has corrupted women and she is not able to take responsibility of her actions . A consensual sex becomes rape then , man can be blamed for a weird reason that he promised to marry and raped her . How can that be rape ? Is she is so stupid that she will sleep with any man who  promises to marry her . Why can't she take responsibility of her stupid action ? http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/consensual-sex-with-intention-to-marry-is-not-rape-supreme-court-369344
                              Because she is an empowered woman so she will only blame .  Till there is no law to punish a woman who falsely accuses a man for rape and  till empowerment is given without responsibility this will continue . Man will lose his dignity , life  and woman will enjoy on his lost dignity and life .


  1. Why should women listen to this, as long as there are blind male protectors, there is no reason women should listen to this otherwise reasonable thought of "Responsible Empowerment".

    Nonetheless, well articulated.

  2. empowerment is conveyed in true sense...
    well i have a suggestion that if some how all CAW preoceeding be held under cctv recordings many families could be saved from harassment as then recordings could be produced to complaint about the erring officials and undue demands in CAW be shown in courts.


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