Marriage at the age of twenty four and a half and making a new family yours is a big task . It was accomplished successfully and life was going on smoothly . When a new family is yours , you alomst forget the old one . That is what girls were taught a few years back .
                                               Nothing is perfect in this world so was not the new family but efforts were making it perfect .Then came the turmoil another entry in old family brought it . Turmoil gave new meaning of liberation . Here liberation meant no responsibility only rights . Rights to do anything without questions . This turmoil didnt know that somebody's liberation ends with someone else's liberation . When your liberty makes other person uncomfortable that is not liberty thats harrassment . The so called liberty questioned many things in the old as well as new family . Whole life came upside down . And had to return to the old family .
                                               Of course it was very difficult to decide now what ? It was a situation of dilemma , people were not happy with the decisions taken . But now it was the question of a dignity , some new realisations . So not thinking of what people say , how will somebody react just listened to the heart and followed . 
                                         I met two type of people by then in life one were living life as it comes and second type were the frustrated ones . Now i met the third types THE REBELS , those who challenged system . Those who said ,"no compromise lets fight back" . When i came in contact with them i realised  iam the forgotten one . Forgotten by the system and law , when law was made i was ignored deliberately . Beacuse system wanted to punish me for being with men , respecting them , loving them . System is anti men , so is the society and law .  There is a big confusion created to make this anti men system work . And the fight is to clear the confusion first and then the system .


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