Today's newspapaer reports a gang rape in patiala house court premises . Woman says she is gang raped by husband , lawyer and husband's friends . I wonder how every rape is gang rape now and that too on court premises hard to believe . But newspaper made it front page story because gang rape sells now. The burden of proof is obviously on man and when he is prooved innocent what about his dignity ? A few days back a man asked to return his dignity from court but a man does not have dignity in this country .
                                 Whenever we debate on biased laws we are told not to cite any single example . Here we see a whole new amendment is made on one single incident . A few days ago a man committed suicide because of false allegations of rape on him (Indore ). But no how does it matter to all you so called women activists ? Next time again you will say where is the misuse ? All laws are misused so what if 498a is the most misused one. It is difficult to wake up those who are awaken but still closing eyes .
                              A few days ago i attended a panel discussion on gender violence in a law college , a woman lawyer told me how out out ten rapes in Haryana eight are fake (consensual sex).  Even the bhandara sisters case is not rape . How come a live in relationship is termed as rape i dont understand .Consent is there all the yeras and all of a sudden it becomes rape . Marital rape is another crap which i dont agree with .  Most of the married women talk about husband's non interest in sex , then where the hell is rape ? And in this case wives rape husbands then men should ask for marital rape . It is irony that marital rape is discussed most by seperated and single women . Does that mean they fanticise about it ?
                               Now we have new laws stalking and voyeurism without misused clause and again gender biased . We will have a whole new army of people falsely implicated by it in coming years . Those women who think that it will help them will be the sufferers too as when dignity of a man is questioned , dignity of his sister , mother is also at stake. Rape is selling so sell it but whenever women will stop being GANDHARI  and take out the band they will see the truth .


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